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Licensed products are a key feature of Fishing Sim World and we are bringing you equipment from some of the biggest names across the fishing industry. 13 Fishing About 13 Fishing: 13 Fishing is a brand founded on the most important principle of fishing, the angler. Baitworks About Baitworks: Baitworks was set up in 2005 by Mark Bryant. In this time the company has grown to be one of the most respected and reputable bait firms in the country. Bass Cat Boats About Bass Cat Boats: Manufacturer of fiberglass bass boats and trailers. Began in 1971 by Ron & Jan Pierce. Today it is still the longest existing tournament bass boat company in the USA. Bill Lewis (Rat-L-Trap) About Bill Lewis: Started in 1964, Bill Lewis' passion lead to the creation of his brilliant invention which went from something he created while tinkering in a garage to a product used all around the world. Booyah About Booyah: Founded in 2004 and based in Fort Smith, Ark., Booyah Bait Company has become a leader in the bass fishing lure industry. Canal and River Trust About Canal and River Trust: Canal & River Trust was launched on 12 July 2012, taking over the guardianship of British Waterways (the previous government-owned operator) canals, rivers, reservoirs and docks in England and Wales. Delkim About Delkim: Delkim has been at the forefront of bite indication technology for over 30 years. Duckett Fishing About Duckett Fishing: “Pro-Driven”, the company motto for Duckett Fishing that proves that their rods and reels were developed by and for pros. Enterprise Tackle About Enterprise Tackle: One of the U.K’s leading manufacturers of imitation baits and pioneers of the now fabous “Popup sweetcorn”. Evinrude About Evinrude: Our licensed engine partner and a leading manufacturer of outboard engines. Fitzgerald Fishing About Fitzgerald Fishing: Founded in 2010 by Trevor & Sonia Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald Rods quickly became the preferred rod for guys frogging and flipping. Fitzgerald Rods became the brand that you used if you needed a rod that could with stand heavy duty use and abuse. Jenko About Jenko: Jenko Fishing is the brainchild of teenage entrepreneur and angler, Coleton Jennings. Coleton started fishing with his grandfather at a young age, fishing for crappie and other pan fish from a john boat on Kentucky Lake and other small ponds in the area. Korda About Korda: One of the biggest names in the carp scene and a company that we have worked with since day one. Linear Fisheries About Linear Fisheries: The Linear Fisheries Complex in Oxfordshire is one of the best day-ticket venues in the country. Mainline Baits About Mainline Baits: Since Mainline Baits was founded it has been synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible, and the capture of carp from all over the world. Missile Baits About Missile Baits: Missile Baits have become well known for their soft plastic baits. Nichols Lures About Nichols Lures: A small bass fishing lure manufacturing company that produces only the finest hand-painted, hand-assembled baits. RidgeMonkey About RidgeMonkey: Formed in early 2014, RidgeMonkey® is a think tank of like-minded anglers, striving to bring to market a range of thoughtful products that make a difference. Sonik About Sonik: Founded in 2008 by Ian McCormack, Sonik was created as a company of anglers with a passion for developing great tackle that makes the whole experience of going fishing more productive and enjoyable. Sunline About Sunline: Sunline is a Japanese fishing line manufacturer established in 1977 that produces every conceivable type of fishing line. Wofte Clothing About Wofte Clothing: Wofte Clothing was born from the depths of the murky underground carp fishing scene in the South East of England. One of the pioneering company's dedicated exclusively to outdoor and fishing clothing formed in early 2011. Yum About Yum: YUM use the latest technology in coordination with extensive research and constant quality control to ensure the production of the most effective and reliable baits in the industry.
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TS19: Carolina Classic!
Written by: Gary Dolzall. The special and captivating experience of American branch line railroading is coming to Train Simulator, with Norfolk Southern’s N-Line! American branch lines and short lines, especially those in the Southeastern region of the country, have long been revered for their unique and captivating style of railroading – and now the challenging and extraordinary experiences of Carolina branch line railroading will soon come to Train Simulator with the Norfolk Southern N-Line route! The Norfolk Southern N-Line extends from Salisbury to Halls Ferry, North Carolina. Built in 1891 as the Yadkin Railroad, it became a long-time property of the Southern Railway, and most recently has been part of Norfolk Southern’s Piedmont Division and Charlotte District. The Norfolk Southern N-Line is noted and cherished by rail enthusiasts for its challenging “saw tooth” profile, sharp curves, and journey through Carolina’s lush forest country. And while the N-Line has all the appeal of a traditional southern short line, it is also vital and alive with tonnage traffic. The NS N-Line serves a diverse range of lineside industries and customers, including a sprawling aggregates quarry near Gold Hill and a variety of forest products, agricultural, and building supply customers at locations including South Salisbury, Gold Hill, Richfield, New London, and Halls Ferry. Norfolk Southern’s N-Line branch diverges from the railroad’s busy Washington, D. C. – New Orleans main line at Salisbury’s Yadkin Junction, then makes its way southeasterly 25 miles to Halls Ferry. In addition to the complete N-Line branch, the upcoming TS2019 route will include the NS Charlotte District main line between “Old Spencer” Yard (home base to N-Line operations) and Yadkin Junction, bringing total mileage to approximately 30 route miles. And the upcoming TS2019 route even includes the facilities of the noted North Carolina Transportation Museum, which occupies the ex-Southern Railway Spencer Shops near Salisbury. Train Simulator’s Norfolk Southern N-Line route will put you in the engineer’s seat for railroading over a curvy and roller-coaster branch line which will require you to keep a close hand on both throttle and brakes as you make your way along the “up one hill, then down the other” route and over sometimes uncertain trackage. The N-Line’s undulating profile includes grades of up to 1.4 per cent. And you’ll also enjoy the depth and challenges of lineside switching and local duties as you serve the N-Line’s variety of rail customers. Norfolk Southern operations on the N-Line are most typically handled by NS symbol train P92, which operates from Old Spencer Yard and makes a turn to Halls Ferry. Typical operating speeds on the branch line are 25 mph, with 50-mph running on the adjoining Charlotte District main line. Accompanying the TS2019 Norfolk Southern N-Line route will be three diesel locomotives ideal and authentic for use on the route: NS Electro-Motive “hi-nose” and “low-nose” EMD GP38-2s and an NS EMD GP40-2 (the N-Line is typically served by four-axle locomotives due to its many sharp curves and the nature of its trackage). And the route will also include a variety of appropriate contemporary freight rolling stock, including a three-bay covered hopper, stone hopper, center-beam flat, boxcar, and other modern equipment. The Norfolk Southern N-Line route will bring to Train Simulator a distinctive railroading experience mixing both the classic charms of American branch line and short line railroading with the challenges and bustle of serving a wide range of lineside industries – and the TS2019 Norfolk Southern N-Line is coming soon, so stay tuned here at Dovetail Live!– Gary Dolzall [] The challenging and captivating experiences of American branch line railroading will soon come to Train Simulator – with the Norfolk Southern N-Line route extending from Salisbury to Halls Ferry, North Carolina! Norfolk Southern Train P92 is passing the Amtrak passenger station at Salisbury (above) as it makes its way along the NS Charlotte District main line, then at Yadkin Junction (below) diverges onto the N-Line branch. Screenshots by Gary Dolzall. Norfolk Southern’s N-Line is revered by rail enthusiasts for its challenging “saw tooth” profile, sharp curves, and journey through Carolina’s lush forest country. Bound for Halls Ferry, NS GP38-2 5313 has just dropped down the 1 percent grade in the distance and is already climbing another steep grade on the “roller coaster” profile of the branch line. Note: Screenshots in this article depict content still in development. The NS N-Line is host to a variety of local industries and lineside switching operations. A pair of Norfolk Southern’s unique hi-nose GP38-2s are making a night switching call at the aluminum facility located along the N-Line at South Salisbury. Norfolk Southern GP38-2 5313 and the P92 local trundle into Rockwell, North Carolina (above) and encounter one of the passing sidings (below) situated along the single-track branch line. The branch line portion of this upcoming TS2019 route extends 25 miles from Yadkin Junction to Halls Ferry and the new Train Simulator route also includes NS’s Old Spencer Yard and a segment of the Charlotte District main line at Salisbury. The small community of Gold Hill, North Carolina is a major source of tonnage for the N-Line. Norfolk Southern EMD GP40-2 3053 is switching covered hoppers at a Gold Hill industry (above), while at the nearby and sprawling Gold Hill quarry complex, NS hi-nose GP38-2 5189 is working a string of stone cars (below). The upcoming TS2019 Norfolk Southern N-Line route features a captivating mix of forest country, small North Carolina towns, and busy lineside industries. NS GP38-2 5313 is leading the way as the P92 local swings through scenic Richfield en route to Halls Ferry. *Near New London, North Carolina, NS GP40-2 3018 is on the point as the P-92 local switches a large building material facility (above). Nearing Halls Ferry, Norfolk Southern GP38-2 5313 makes its way through typical Carolina “pine forest and red earth” country (below). * Halls Ferry is the southeastern terminus of the Norfolk Southern N-Line and is host to multiple lineside industries, one of which NS GP38-2 5315 and an EMD sister are switching at dawn. The upcoming TS2019 Norfolk Southern N-Line will include a trio of NS diesel locomotives ideal and authentic for use on the route, including (left to right) an EMD low-nose GP38-2; hi-nose GP38-2; and GP40-2. This scene is posed at the roundhouse of the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Salisbury, which once was part of Southern’s Spencer Shops. With local landmark Mauney Feed Mill in the distance, NS Train P92 arrives at Halls Ferry. The Norfolk Southern N-Line route will bring to Train Simulator a distinctive experience mixing both the classic charms of American branch line and short line railroading with the challenges and bustle of serving a wide range of lineside industries – and its coming soon to TS2019!
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