Euro Fishing: Bergsee Purchase Options

Our new venue, Bergsee, is now available on all platforms. On the store page you may have noticed different purchase options are available with the game.

Below we have a short description explaining what each of the purchase options will give you.

Bergsee Add-on The Waldsee on its own.

Season Pass This will give you Bergsee, Waldsee, Lac D'or and Manor Farm Lake.

Foundry Dock + Season Pass Get all of the add on lakes in one go. This is for players that already own the game but not any of the additional venues.

Urban Edition + Season Pass For players new to Euro Fishing, this will give you the Euro Fishing, Foundry Dock and the season pass including Bergsee.

US Season Pass on PS4 only features 3 lakes and does not include Manor Farm Lake

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