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December 2019 Angler of the Month

Happy new year everyone! We hope you had a great time over the holidays. We are back in to the swing of things for 2020 and we can bring you the final results from the December Dovetail Fishing League season. The winners are as follows:


Angler of the Month: bobcin3

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: ScoobyHaze420/PhillyBass 1965
Carp Championship: bobcin3
Match Series: l Bigtimer J l
Predator Challenge: bobcin3

PlayStation 4

Angler of the Month: OAB4nd1t

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: TokerKato
Carp Championship: OAB4nd1t
Match Series: OAB4nd1t
Predator Challenge: HarryStankfoot


Angler of the Month: MilkinBad

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: KYA-Beast
Carp Championship: MilkinBad
Match Series: MilkinBad
Predator Challenge: MilkinBad
The January 2020 Season has now started, here are the events for Week 1:
Big Bass Tour: Lake Williams, clear sky, sunset
Carp Championship: Manor Farm, heavy rain, morning
Match Series: Lake Guntersville, light clouds, sunrise
Predator Challenge: Jezioro Bestii, dynamic, afternoon
Good luck everyone!
Fishing Sim World
December 2019 Angler of the Month
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