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February 2020 Angler of the Month

We had an action packed season for the Dovetail Fishing League in February with some familiar names popping up as the series winners and Anglers of the Month. We also noticed some new names coming through and giving our seasoned anglers a tough time. We hope to see it continuing on in to the March season!

Xbox One

Angler of the Month: ScoobyHaze420

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: PhillyBass 1965
Carp Championship: l Bigtimer J l
Match Series: ScoobyHaze420
Predator Challenge: elasesino191aim

PlayStation 4

Angler of the Month: HarryStankfoot

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: PHILLY-BASS-1965
Carp Championship: stumain
Match Series: HarryStankfoot
Predator Challenge: HarryStankfoot


Angler of the Month: MilkinBad

Series Winners

Big Bass Tour: djpablo73
Carp Championship: toxic-uk
Match Series: MilkinBad
Predator Challenge: MilkinBad
A huge congratulations to all the winners!
The March season has now started to let's take a look at the tournaments taking place for week 1. We've got Lake Travis hosting the Big Bass Tour, Gigantica Main Lake is the destination for the Carp Championship, Grand Union Canal will be the place for the Match Series and you will be on Lake Boulder for the Predator Challenge. The full tournament details can be found below.
Big Bass Tour: Lake Travis, morning, heavy rain
Carp Championship: Gigantica Main Lake, afternoon, light clouds
Match Series: Grand Union Canal, night, clear sky, all species counting
Predator Challenge: Lake Boulder, sunrise, dynamic weather, all species counting
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2 Mar
February 2020 Angler of the Month
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