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Win a Korda Tackle Box!

NEW Korda Tackle Box | The complete tackle storage system, designed to allow you to have the most amount of kit possible for a minimal footprint. A ‘big brother’ to the Tackle Safe, the Tackle Box is an alternative option for those needing to take just a little more end tackle on the bank for longer sessions, trips abroad, or just to cover all fishing situations they might find themselves in. Korda maintains the ethos of ‘less clutter, more carp’ with this product, and allows even more choice for the angler when choosing a tackle storage system. The Tackle Box is designed to accommodate the NEW Korda Leader-Safe, Mini-Boxes, Korda square hook link spools, and Kamakura hook boxes, with everything fitting perfectly. A Compac 220 will also be introduced into our Compac Luggage System range, and this is designed specifically to fit a Tackle Box inside it. RRP: £39.99
“We have looked at these for a long period of time and wanted to create a product that we felt was BETTER than what is already out there.” - Tom Dove
“Maximum amount of tackle in the smallest possible footprint” - Tom Dove
  • 29 compartments of assorted size for the secure storage of small end tackle items
  • Magnetic rig board stores up to ten pre-tied rigs
  • Designed to accommodate the NEW Korda Leader-Safe, Mini-Boxes, Korda square spools and Kamakura hook boxes.
  • Supplied with three small and two large moveable dividers for adjusting the size/layout of the main compartments
Mini Compartment Boxes
A range of four Mini Compartment Boxes have been designed to fit perfectly within the Tackle Box, but can also be used independently. The range of Mini Compartment Boxes will be sold individually and will be available in six, eight, nine, and 16 compartment versions, to store many different sized end tackle items. Every detail has been considered during the design process including:
  • Curved base allows it to be easily lifted out of the Tackle Box.
  • Small magnetic closures to prevent spillages
  • Translucent lids help to identify the items without the need to open it
RRP: KBOX7 £7.99 | KBOX8 £6.99 | KBOX9 £6.99 | KBOX10 £8.99
Leader Safe
An innovative and smart way to store leaders. Available in two sizes - Large stores six complete leaders, and the Small stores three. Accommodates lead clips and Heli-Safe Systems, and the Large Leader-Safe includes recesses to hold beads and sleeves on helicopter leaders. Designed to fit perfectly within the Korda Tackle Box. Each Leader Safe also comes with a removable sleeve that protects leaders when stored outside the Tackle Box.
RRP: Small £5.99 | Large £7.99
Korda have generously offered us three of the brand new tackle boxes to give away to our community. Head over to our Facebook page to enter and make sure to check out Korda's website and social media pages to keep up to date with all their latest news.
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11 Apr
Win a Korda Tackle Box!
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