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November 2019 Angler of the Month

November has come to an end and it brings a close to the November 2019 season of the Dovetail Fishing League.
The results for each series and overall Angler of the Month can be found below:

Xbox One

Angler of the Month: MOHAMMED CURAY

Series winners

Big Bass Tour: bobcin3
Carp Championship: MOHAMMED CURAY
Match Series: ScoobyHaze420
Predator Challenge: WiksySPY442


Angler of the Month: HarryStankfoot

Series winners

Big Bass Tour: MLT24
Carp Championship: OAB4nd1t
Match Series: SMOKEYMON-G-313
Predator Challenge: TokerKato


Angler of the Month: UndeadFrog

Series winners

Big Bass Tour: MonKs
Carp Championship: DerDünneMann
Match Series: UndeadFrog
Predator Challenge: UndeadFrog
Congratulations to all the winners. Let's take a look at the week 1 events for December:
Big Bass Tour: Lake Boulder, sunrise, light clouds
Carp Championship: Manor Farm, afternoon, heavy rain
Match Series: Jezioro Bestii, morning, clear sky
Predator: Lake Williams, sunset, dynamic
Fishing Sim World
November 2019 Angler of the Month
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