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October Angler of the Month

The October season of the Dovetail Fishing League is now over and we have our winners for Angler of the Month and the series winners. We hope you enjoyed this month's tournaments and the variety in targeted species in the different tournaments. The winners are as follows:

Xbox One

Angler of the Month: bobcin3

Series winners

Big Bass Tour: PhillyBass 1965
Carp Championship: bobcin3
Predator Challenge: bobcin3

PlayStation 4

Angler of the Month: TokerKato

Series winners

Big Bass Tour: TokerKato
Carp Championship: SMOKEYMON-G-313
Match Series: TokerKato
Predator Challenge: DarkNicc2019


Angler of the Month: facadedavid

Series winners

Big Bass Tour: UndeadFrog
Carp Championship: cambridgecableguy
Match Series: MoN
Predator Challenge: UndeadFrog
Congratulations to all of the winners! Week 1 for November is now underway with the events this week being as follows:
  • Big Bass Tour - Lake Seminole, morning, dynamic weather
  • Carp Championship - Bergsee, night, dynamic weather
  • Match Series - Gigantica, afternoon, light clouds
  • Predator Challenge - Lake Williams, sunset, dynamic weather
We will be continuing with the variations of the rules for the tournaments this month so look out for a gar only event on Lake Dylan, Catfish only on Gillhams and trout and salmon only on Lake Miller.
There is not long left to get the halloween clothing items. Log in to Dovetail Live and complete the challenges before 5th November to unlock the "wolf" howling at the moon t-shirt and the pumpkin hat. Complete any fishing session and you will be awarded with the AFTCO clothing items that were added in the Full Moon Update.
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October Angler of the Month
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