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FSX: Calling all VFR Pilots! Revolution-X now available on Steam from Just Flight

Just Flight’s Revolution-X comes to Steam for FSX: Steam Edition!

If you’re into VFR flying in the UK, you will appreciate the greater accuracy provided by Just Flight’s VFR Real Scenery add-ons (click here if you haven’t tried them yet. With Revolution-X, you can now experience Just Flight’s photo scenery with the added benefit and realism of millions of auto-gen buildings, trees and hedgerows correctly placed in the landscape.

VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flying requires the pilot to be able to accurately pinpoint the aircraft’s location by identifying ground landmarks. Just Flight’s VFR Real Scenery series provides improved accuracy in FSX: Steam Edition for VFR pilots, and now Revolution-X will enhance your VFR environment by using GIS data to realistically place 3D buildings and foliage.

Revolution-X uses its own 3D night lighting system, with millions of light objects including major roads and individual buildings giving an improved night VFR experience. At the top 110 major airports, airfields and military airports, special care has been taken to tailor the placement of real world objects around the runways and taxiways to ensure the best overall enhancement.

Click here for full details. Please note that Revolution-X requires the respective Just Flight VFR Real Scenery pack to be installed in the UK region where you will be flying.

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