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TS18: Coastal Sprinting

Partner Programme developer Armstrong Powerhouse are bringing their absolutely detailed Class 150/2 to Steam and Dovetail Games Stores!
In the 1980s, Britain’s rail network was littered with old Heritage DMUs, many of which were in need of replacing. New traction was to be formed out of the Mk3 bodyshell design, with an aim to provide sought after relief for rural rail passengers.
Designated the BR Class 150, the new ‘Sprinter’ DMUs strived to perform as a unit for tomorrow; featuring higher comfort levels, better acceleration with reduced noise levels, and just an overall fresh image for soon-to-be-sectorised British Rail.
Two differing prototypes were produced in 1984, numbered 150001 and 150002, for feasibility tests across several types of routes throughout Britain. In all, 150001 was chosen as the base for a new production fleet, however the originally planned 3-car design was swapped out for simple 2-car formation.
With the shortening of the units, the first production models were categorised as the Class 150/1 and a total of 50 were produced for the Regional Railways sector of BR. The next batch, known as the Class 150/2s, were to differ slightly from the 150/1 with the addition of a gangway to allow passengers to move between units. The Class 150/2s were intended for longer-distance routes than their flat-nosed counterparts, but still for Regional Railways use.
Having been handed between operators since their introduction in 1986, the Class 150/2 fleet today operate principally for Arriva Trains Wales who put 34 Sprinters into use out of Cardiff and throughout Wales. Arriva also operate a rather unique consist; the extra gangways of the Class 150/2 have often seen units split in half and combined with other sets to create 3-car trains, and a Class 150/9, no. 150978, is often used out of the Welsh capital.
The Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 will fit suitably into the Pro Range with features such as:
  • GSM-R set-up
  • Accurate Voith T211r hydraulic transmission simulation
  • Detailed internal and external audio
  • Cold start functionality
  • Wheelslip Protection and Wheelslide implementation
  • Dynamic exhaust effects
  • Extra ‘bits and bobs’ to enhance the overall driving experience
  • Two Arriva Trains Wales liveries, original and revised
  • A trio of Career scenarios for the South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea route
You won’t want to miss this one, so keep an eye out as we bring you more on the Arriva Trains Wales BR Class 150/2, coming soon to Train Simulator! ■
Train Simulator
27 Apr
TS18: Coastal Sprinting
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