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TS18: Return to Feather River

Written by: Gary Dolzall.
Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 delivers more Western Pacific railroading!
Classic Western Pacific railroading across the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains and rugged Feather River Canyon now awaits you in the new Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02.
High Iron Simulations’ Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 01 has been a Train Simulator best-seller, and this new pack delivers ten all-new and highly authentic career scenarios featuring Western Pacific passenger, main line freight, local freight, and yard operations during the captivating late 1960s and early 1970s.
In Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02, you’ll go to work across the length and breadth of this famous California route, from Oroville and Keddie to Quincy Junction, and along the Western Pacific’s rugged High Line.
Based on actual Western Pacific operations and train symbols of the period, the ten challenging career scenarios of Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 will put you at the throttle of WP Electro-Motive FP7s powering the famous and elegant “Silver Lady” – the California Zephyr. You climb aboard husky, second-generation General Electric U30B and EMD GP35 diesels to forward heavy tonnage through the canyon, and you’ll put Western Pacific’s distinctive, dual-control, high-nose EMD GP20 to work in local and switching work.
Note: The pack’s scenarios require the Train Simulator Feather River Canyon route. Select individual scenarios also separately require: Train Simulator’s Western Pacific FP7 California Zephyr Add-On; Western Pacific GP35 Add-On (DTM); Western Pacific GP20 High Nose Loco Add-On (Reppo). All required content is available at the Steam Store.
The Western Pacific was one of America’s great and iconic railroads, stretching more than 1,000 miles across the American West from Salt Lake City, Utah to California’s Bay Area. And yet, so remarkable, so scenic, and so famous was WP’s canyon path along the “El Rio de la Plumas" and through the Sierra Nevada Mountains that the railroad proudly proclaimed itself the “Feather River Route.” The Feather River Canyon was, indeed, the heart and soul of the Western Pacific Railroad – and High Iron Simulations’ new Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 brings classic 1960s and 1970s Western Pacific railroading – and the extraordinary Feather River Canyon – to dynamic life in its ten realistic and captivating career scenarios.
Experience the challenges and grandeur of Western Pacific railroading – in Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02, available now at the Steam and Dovetail Games Stores! – Gary Dolzall
Now available, Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 features 10 realistic career scenarios that put you at the throttle for challenging Western Pacific freight, passenger, local, and switching duties during the late 1960s and early 1970s. In the scenario “The Climb to Keddie,” you’ll be the engineer aboard a WP General Electric U30B climbing up the rugged canyon with Western Pacific symbol freight WPX (above). And you’ll also have husky GE diesel power in the scenario “Last Lap to Oroville,” as you handle heavy Western Pacific unit grain train CPCW on the busy western slope of the route (below). Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.
In the scenarios “Silver Lady East, Parts 1 and 2,” you’ll be called for the most prestigious job on the Western Pacific – as engineer of the famed California Zephyr. Skirting along a finger of Lake Oroville, Western Pacific Train 18 has stylish WP EMD FP-7 805-A on the point.
Perhaps no single experience is more symbolic of the classic Western Pacific and the Feather River Canyon than the California Zephyr crossing famed Spanish Creek Trestle at Keddie, California, and in the scenario “Silver Lady East, Part 2,” you’ll be at the throttle as the magnificent “Silver Lady” glides into Keddie (above and below).
Dressed in Western Pacific’s striking orange, silvery, and black livery of the 1960s, a quartet of Electro-Motive GP35s are climbing the west slope of the snowy Feather River Canyon with WP’s “Golden Gate Merchandiser” (symbol train “GGM”) in the career scenario “Heart of the Canyon.”
In the two-part career scenario “KGT Quincy Jct. Turn,” you’ll climb aboard Western Pacific EMD GP35s dressed in 1970s-era “Perlman green” livery to work a local from Keddie to Quincy, Junction and return, with switching duties at both locations. Keddie is busy as local KGT makes up its train (above) and, after work at Quincy Junction, later returns west toward Keddie (below).
Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 and the career scenario “Off the High Line” puts you in the cab of a veteran Western Pacific freight-service EMD F7 for a snowy descent of Western Pacific’s rugged High Line (or “Inside Gateway”) with WP symbol train BN171.
Challenging local and switching duties will be your call in two scenarios with Western Pacific’s distinctive high-nose, dual-control EMD GP20s as power. In the scenario “Oroville Yard Duty,” you’ll be working the Southern Pacific interchange and several WP spurs and siding around Oroville (above). And in the career scenario “Grays Flat Call,” you’ll be the engineer of a local making a turn to remote Grays Flat to deliver empty flatcars and pick up lumber loads (below).
Based on actual Western Pacific operations and train symbols of the late 1960s and early 1970s, the ten challenging career scenarios of Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 will put you at the heart of the action across the famed Feather River Canyon. Feather River Canyon Scenario Pack 02 is now available at the Dovetail Games and Steam Stores!
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9 May
TS18: Return to Feather River
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