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TS18: Revisit South Wales…

…in the stunning Arriva Trains Wales BR Class 150/2, Out Now for Train Simulator from Partner Programme developer Armstrong Powerhouse!
Crafted with full authenticity in mind, Armstrong Powerhouse’s BR Class 150/2 has countless minute details for you to interact with and enjoy, as well as a trio of Career scenarios that take you through scenic South Wales!
Every bit as complex as the real world counterpart, AP’s BR Class 150/2 features:


At the start of a service, one key step in setting up the BR Class 150 is registering with the GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication – Railway), this replaces the older National Radio Network (NRN) & Cab Secure Radio (CSR) systems and each service registers with the system before departure. Registration is as simple as inputting the train reporting number of your service, and the number of the signal you are standing at.

…Voith T211r Hydraulic Transmission…

Armstrong Powerhouse have expertly recreated the hydraulic transmission used on the BR Class 150/2, everything from the way that oil fills the torque converter, and transfers to the fluid coupling at 45mph, to the subtleties in notches vs acceleration is simulated. All this makes for an accurate driving experience, you have a DMU that weighs over 70 tonnes and it feels like it!

…Wheelslip Protection…

The adhesion you experience while driving the BR Class 150/2 is dynamic and differs depending on the weather and the season of your travels. During poor adhesion, most forms of traction are prone to wheelslip (especially with poor management of the power notches) and the BR Class 150/2 protects against this by reducing power when slipping is detected. Once the wheelslip is dealt with, power is automatically re-applied to the set power notch.

…Wheelslide Simulation…

Whereas wheelslip occurs while accelerating, wheelslide can occur while braking. If there is poor adhesion, the wheels could lock up while braking, causing you to slide along the rails rather than roll along them. Wheelslide massive increases your braking distance, and it not resolved automatically, and so a reduction in braking is required to attempt to control the slide.

…Cold Start…

The ability to run through the BR Class 150/2’s ‘cold start’ is simulated, meaning you have to start the engine and build up the main reservoir and brake cylinder pressures before heading off. This adds to the immersion of starting the day anew, getting to the depot and warming up inside the cab before your shift begins!

…And much more!

  • Automatic Unit Numbering
  • Dynamic Exhaust Effects
  • Player changeable Destination Blind
  • Accurate Driver-to-Guard buzzer simulation
  • Realistic AWS implementation
  • Appropriate power/brake handle interactivity
  • 2 highly detailed Arriva Trains Wales liveries, original and revised
  • 3 Career scenarios for the South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea route
  • Quick drive compatibility
Delve into the complex Arriva Trains Wales BR Class 150/2, which is available now!
No detail is left to the imagination in the Arriva Trains Wales BR Class 150/2, when you’re setting up in preparation to depart, make sure to register with the GSM-R (above). Once you’re all set it is time to sprint through scenic South Wales (below).
In the outskirts of Skewen, Welsh traction meets as 150251, operating a local service to Cardiff Central, accelerates past 175005 which still sports the original Arriva Trains Wales livery.
The Arriva Trains Wales BR Class 150/2 comes resplendent in two forms, with both the original and revised liveries available at your discretion, allowing for a choice of era depending on your preference (above). Under rainy skies, we see an original 150245 make a passenger stop in its way to the Welsh capital (below).
Under the impressive arch of Bristol Temple Meads station, 150266 awaits the go-ahead on a service bound for the land of its Forefathers (above). However, several stations lie between Bristol and the famed Severn tunnel, including Lawrence Hill, where 150235 is seen on similar duty (below).
A proper look into the cab of the BR Class 150/2 and the detail presents itself in droves; the texturing, lighting, and sound captures the unit absolutely, and above all, the Transmission Fault lights are illuminated meaning WSP is currently in effect.
As 150245 and 150255 sit at Bridgend station, the deservedly Pro Range Arriva Trains Wales BR Class 150/2 is ready and waiting for you in Train Simulator!
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Train Simulator
10 May
TS18: Revisit South Wales…
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