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Spirit Of Steam - A Head Of Steam

Released last week, and bursting onto Train Sim World 2 in a cloud of steam, Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street – Crewe has been exciting railfans everywhere. We thought we would look back at some of its most eye-catching moments!
Since its launch, thousands of you have climbed the ladder, got on board, and started driving steam locomotives in Train Sim World 2 for the first time. To date, we have seen an incredible amount of you playing, and when we combine all of the community's efforts from across the World, you have managed to achieve a whopping 1,167,304,061 Metres / 1,167,304 Kilometres/ 725,329 Miles driven on Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe already. To put this in perspective that is enough to circle the Earth more than 29 times - that’s an awful lot of coal. Of course, this number is going up every hour as you complete more and more services!
If you would like a little more help getting started, and add to this impressive distance travelled total we have put together a helpful guide on how to drive the 8F and Jubilee, check it out below!
We have also created a massive thread to cover any questions or tips regarding Spirit Of Steam, you can find them on our official forum HERE.
We'll be continuing to enhance the Spirit of Steam experience and have already highlighted a number of short-term and longer-term improvements. If you'd like to find out more, you can check out a short summary on our Roadmap article, and a more detailed discussion on last night's Roadmap live stream
The “Off the Rails” feature means you can play Train Sim World 2 how you want, giving you the freedom to craft and play interesting and unique scenarios. Spirit of Steam has introduced steam locomotives into the game and opened the doors to a variety of interesting scenarios, from Railtours to works of fiction. Creators Club allows you to share them with the wider community, and has been inundated with new scenarios made by community members, and with over 150 new ones uploaded already, we are sure there is something for you to enjoy.
Credit goes to Creators Club member YourBoiShiba for their WSR Demonstration Freight (8F) scenario, available for everyone to enjoy HERE.
Continuing the theme of hitting the tracks and getting some miles under your belt, we are running a Spirit of Steam Community Challenge. If the community collectively reaches 12,500 completed scenarios on Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe by the 19th of June, then all participating players will unlock a steam-themed decal pack for Livery Designer.
Check out how the challenge is progressing HERE.
Creators Club has also had a vast influx of creative livery designs uploaded. These Steam themed pieces of content add an even greater variety to how you can enjoy Spirit of Steam, so why not try your hand at making your own livery or scenario and upload them HERE.
This awesome rendition of an early British Railway liveried Jubilee was courtesy of Creators Club member RoriSpitter, its named 45690 Leander BR Lined Black BR Lettering, and is available for you to add to your own Creators Club Scription list HERE!
With the Queen's Jubilee occurring over the same week as Spirit of Steam’s launch we thought it only fitting to show off the Jubilee in a celebratory Stream on Railfan TV, Jamie took to the tracks and celebrated in style, check out his themed stream HERE.
Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street to Crewe is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic, and Steam!
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Spirit Of Steam - A Head Of Steam