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Train Sim World 2 – Get a Grip!

Feel the slip and slide of wheels with adhesion...
With Train Sim World 2 the proprietary SimuGraph® vehicle dynamics engine has evolved – adding realistic adhesion physics for the first time. An exciting feature that allows you to feel your train's grip of the rails in a variety of conditions for the first time. Driving trains never felt so real!
Adhesion changes how your train responds to the conditions of the rails and how you operate the controls. Train weight, weather conditions, track grade, type of locomotive, throttle and brake position all affect how the locomotive and train behave. An empty train on a gradual grade will behave differently to a fully loaded train, requiring you to adapt your technique and make use of features such as sanding. Combined with the weighted vehicle system in Train Sim World 2, adhesion changes the way you play.
On the Bakerloo Line departing Oxford Circus station towards Piccadilly Circus the grade of the line increases dramatically as it dips below sea level. Should you apply the brakes in the same fashion, and at the same distance, as you had at previous stops, you are likely to overshoot the platform due to the increased grade of the line and lack of traction. Perfecting your braking point becomes critical when learning a new route.
Adhesion doesn’t just change how you stop. In Sand Patch Grade you will experience the real challenge of hauling long heavy freight on steep grades. Getting a train full to the brim with coal over the imposing Allegheny Mountains will be a real challenge, apply the power too quickly and the wheels will lose their grip, taking away vital power when it's needed the most. Understanding when to use sand to improve grip will be critical to overcoming some situations. Going uphill may be easy but consider how you'll need to manage a downhill descent with the same heavy haul!
Weather will have additional ramifications for adhesion, and you'll need to consider this carefully when powering over a wintry German landscape at 250 km/h with the DB BR 406 ICE 3M on Schnellfahrstrecke Köln-Aachen. Apply too much brake, and your wheels will lose grip entirely as your train skates over the icy track, changing not just your braking point but the amount of actual control you have over your train. Ahead of each scenario or service you will get an overview of your consist and information on its weight and length so you can adjust as needed to the conditions.
Perfecting the right technique, reacting to all weather conditions, mastering a variety of locomotives and stock, learning services and understanding the nuance of each route. All of this will help you gain the experience necessary to fully immerse yourself in what Train Sim World 2 has to offer and enjoy the challenge that adhesion brings to controlling trains.
Train Sim World 2 is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on 20 August.
Train Sim World 2 is available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation 4.
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Train Sim World
21 Jul
Train Sim World 2 – Get a Grip!
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