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Train Sim World 2 - Timetable Terrific

Written by: Gary Dolzall.
With Train Sim World 2, Sand Patch Grade’s Timetable feature now offers 65 diverse and challenging freight services!
Train Sim World 2 has brought new excitement to the Sand Patch Grade route. The route’s availability on console, of course, is the biggest news, and with TSW2 the Sand Patch route is also enhanced with weighted wagon physics, a new adhesion system, enhanced visuals – and a robust “Timetable” feature with 65 diverse services!
As a fan of realistic railroad operations, timetable services have always been a favorite feature of TSW for me, so I was anxious to dive into the TSW2 expanded range of services for the Sand Patch route. And I’ve certainly been pleased with the variety of operating experiences. Among the 65 timetable services now featured with the Sand Patch Grade are:
  • Priority Intermodal trains
  • Manifest freights
  • Dedicated consist and unit trains, including auto rack and grain trains
  • Main line coal trains and coal loading at Rockwood and Meyersdale
  • Helper operations
  • Cumberland Terminal switching duties
  • Locomotive servicing tasks
Taken together with the timetable options of selecting a different type of locomotive (including the CSX GE AC4400CW, EMD SD40-2, and GP38-2, each in multiple liveries), plus the ability to choose different seasons of the year and a variety of weather conditions, the Sand Patch timetable service experiences are nearly countless!
An aspect of timetable services I particularly like is that, to a large degree, it replicates the railroad tradition of a crew being “called” for a specific service and that it represents 24 hours of railroad operations. With such in mind, let’s sample, via the screenshots below, some of the diverse “calls” you can experience on TSW2’s Sand Patch Grade! – Gary Dolzall
Call time, 12:56 a.m., Q355 – A new day is in the offing on Sand Patch Grade and at Cumberland Terminal, CSX GE AC4400CW 202 awaits its next duty while the engineer of SD40-2 8048 has opened up the big EMD’s throttle and is beginning the journey of Cumberland-Toledo (Ohio) symbol train Q355. Screenshots by Gary Dolzall.
Call time, 6:57 a.m., Q352 – On a pleasant summer day, manifest freight Q352, en route from Willard (Ohio) to Cumberland, follows the path of Willis Creek as it descends the east slope of Sand Patch with CSX “YN3b” liveried GE AC4400CW 145 on the point.
Call time, 9:05 a.m., Y101 – With the crew climbed aboard at the Cumberland engine terminal, CSX GP38-2 2805 and a sister are the power for a Cumberland Terminal morning yard job which will handle switching out newly arrived tonnage.
Call time, 11:30 a.m., G089 – It’s autumn and the annual grain harvest is on the roll. CSX unit train G089 is toting Midwestern grain from Chicago to Brunswick, Maryland with GE AC4400CW 270 and an EMD providing the power. Wearing CSX’s “YN2” livery, the big GE makes it way along the Sand Patch west slope (above), then, in an engineer’s eye view, approaches famed Sand Patch Tunnel at the summit of the line (below).
Call time 11:40 a.m., N542A – The Allegheny Mountains and coal railroading are virtually synonymous and on CSX’s “S&C” Subdivision near Rockwood, Pennsylvania, CSX EMD SD40-2 8828 and GP38-2 2804 are loading black diamonds.
Call time 3:00 p.m., Y105 – Cumberland Terminal hosts a wide array of facilities, including an active car repair shop. On a foggy afternoon, a duo of CSX GP38-2 working yard duties have just arrived at the car shop to pick-up freight cars that are ready to return to service.
Call time 4:05 p.m., Q137 – The Sand Patch route hosts intermodal traffic moving between the Midwest and both Baltimore and CSX’s intermodal facilities at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. On an autumn day, CSX AC4400CW 271 is on the head-end of Baltimore-Chicago symbol Q137 as it passes through Viaduct Junction on the west side of Cumberland.
Call time 4:13 p.m., U876B – In a scene recalling traditional Allegheny branch line coal railroading, a pair of CSX SD40-2s are loading coal at the Shaw tipple on the Salisbury Branch near Meyersdale, Pennsylvania.
Call time 11:00 p.m., Y114 – Another day on Sand Patch is nearly done as a duo of CSX SD40-2s make their way on a snowy eve toward “the pit” at Cumberland Terminal for refueling and servicing. Sand Patch Grade’s 65 timetable services, taken together with the options of selecting a different type of locomotive and the ability to choose different seasons of the year and a variety of weather conditions, offer nearly countless railroading experiences!
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30 Sep
Train Sim World 2 - Timetable Terrific
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