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TS19: Got Talent? DB BR 643 is Out Now!

The DB BR 643 from RSSLO captures the finesse of the “Talent” in Pro Range fashion, is perfectly suited for authentic local DB Regio operations, and is available now on the Steam and Dovetail Games stores.
Designed with the intention of providing for nearly any passenger operation within Europe, be it for regional stopping, rural trundling or city street-weaving services, the “Talent” family was able to offer up a configuration to achieve.
The Talent was available in a variety of diesel power types and also electric for work under the wires. The units were also susceptible to internal changes, various passenger luxuries such as a choice of floor height, number of coaches and a multi-purpose area were all options for operators.
One of the first operators in line for Talent units was Deutsche Bahn, who ordered a diesel-based fleet for use on local, regional services on routes without electrification.
DB’s new fleet was classified as the BR 643, and was built in 3-car formation to provide suitable capacity on quieter lines. To keep the journey comfortable, the coaches share Jacobs bogies which keeps vibrations to a minimum and also improve the unit’s safety.
And now, you can take control of this modern masterpiece, as the DB BR 643 has arrived!

Key Features

  • 3-car DB BR 643 DMU in DB Regio Red livery
  • Authentic start-up and changing cab procedures
  • Battery switch and Contact key simulation
  • Basic and advanced SIFA implementation
  • AFB cruise control and PZB implementation
  • Radio dispatcher line set-up simulation
  • Full passenger door control
  • Changeable destination displays
  • Three scenarios for the Allgäubahn route
  • Quick Drive compatible
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13 Dec
TS19: Got Talent? DB BR 643 is Out Now!
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