TS18: Longhai Long-haul

From Partner Programme developer Simtech Vision, the Longhai Railway, one of China’s busiest arterial links, will soon be brought into the limelight as it is coming to Train Simulator!

Started in 1905, and continued over the course of 50 years, the Longhai railway was built in-land from the coastal city of Lianyungang in an effort to transport goods arriving by sea into the heart of China. As each phase opened in sequence, the line became something of high importance for all traffic, quickly becoming a major east-west link ideal for transporting freight even as far as Europe; a Eurasian “Rail Bridge”.

Included in the Longhai Railway route will be the scenic 105 km electrified section between Lingbao and Mianchi of the Henan province, where the line notably makes a horseshoe curve through the district of Hubin en route. This section traverses the beautiful Loess Plateau scenery, scattered with forests and farmlands making for a hillside sea of lush greenery.

Unlike high speed lines in China, which are fitted with CTCS signalling, slower routes such as the Longhai Railway are equipped with LKJ signalling, providing a unique challenge balancing in-cab and track-side information as you go about your duties.

For passenger and freight traction, the HXD1 and HXD1C electric locomotives are powerhouses in every right, capable of performing without hassle. The HXD1 in particular stands out of the crowd, as it is designed as a double “back-to-back” locomotive, ensuring it can always deal with the heaviest of consists. For haulage, 5 freight wagon types and 3 passenger coach types form important trains which are always in need of motive power up front, and a driver to take the journey onward.

Keep an eye out, as we bring you more on the Longhai Railway: Lingbao – Mianchi route, coming soon to Train Simulator!


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