Predator Equipment Pack – Out Now!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water! The Predator Equipment Pack launches today and has over 30 new in-game items such as the Predator boat wrap, Inferno Mastery Challenges, Camo clothing and a whole host of new fishing equipment! Store links can be found at the bottom of this article. Become the Predator Turn up the heat, and rock up in style with 4 outstanding boat wraps, new clothing, lures, and 2 unique tiers of Mastery challenges to complete. Not only does the pack come with some truly great looking equipment but it also introduces Bagley lures as a new brand to the game for you to use out on the lake. Inferno Mastery Challenges Alongside new cosmetics, you'll have new Mastery challenges to complete too, exclusive to the Predator Pack. Complete these various challenges with different objectives using equipment from the predator pack to unlock the fiery Inferno Cosmetics! Standout Boat Wraps If you want to chew up the opposition, you'd better look the part. Sneak up on those huge bass in the Camo wrap or turn heads on the water with the Predator wrap’s huge teeth! For those looking to bring that professional tone to tournaments, the all-new Bagley boat wrap looks the part. Only the best equipment Switch up your bass fishing loadout with 10 new lures from Bagley and 13 Fishing. The pack also comes with 4 new rods and reels from Favorite, equip new items such as the Fire Stick Casting, Rush Spinning or Jack Hammer Spinning sets. Whilst we continue to work on improving your game over the coming months (see here for some stability improvements added this week), we hope you enjoy sinking your teeth into the Predator Pack - after all, what's the point in being an Apex Predator if you can't have a little fun in the process? Pricing * £5.99/ €6.99/ $7.99 PS US * Store Page [] PS EU * Store Page [] Xbox * Store Page [] Steam * Store Page [] We are aware of a small group of PlayStation 5 players encountering a Code ce107880-4 error when downloading the Predator Equipment Pack. If you experience this, Sony's guidance is to wait 24 hours before downloading the DLC. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes. To keep up to date with everything Bassmaster Fishing 2022, sign up to our info packed newsletter or follow us over on our socials so you don’t miss a drop of info. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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Happy New Year Anglers, We hope you had a great festive break, we’re officially in 2022 and we have a busy year ahead! Working with our platform partners and you, the community to identify where players have been experiencing crashes, we are starting 2022 with a stability update focused on addressing and improving the experience for players, and adding Chickamauga Lake to the Online Public Servers and Bassmaster Royale. Headlines * Menu – We have implemented a change that we are hopeful has resolved an issues causing crashes when selecting “Manage” from the main menu. If you are still experiencing this issue please do let us know. * Venues – Catch rates have been balanced and we will continue to monitor catch rates across all our venues * Audio – Crankbait, Jointed, Spinner, Buzz and Popper baits now make sounds as intended * Multiplayer – Players will no longer incorrectly be eliminated from Bassmaster Royale games. * Multiplayer [PS5] – Resolved an issue causing some players to not see any online multiplayer servers * Multiplayer [XSX] – An issue causing the game to get stuck on the loading screen while joining a multiplayer session has been resolved * Customisation – Santa’s beard is now removable! General * Tutorial - Improved tutorial to provide more explanation around “Striking” * Tutorial – When paused the voice over will pause * Multiplayer – When a player leaves an online public server, they will be presented with a catch summary * Multiplayer – When a player catches the biggest bass during a Bassmaster Royale game a pop up will appear to all players in the session to notify all players * Angler Hub – Improvements and fixes made to the Progression screen within Player Profile. * Gameplay – Improvements made to catch shots * Gameplay – While in the catch shot screen, pressing B to expand the information will no longer cycle the map/fish finder in the background. There are also various other fixes and changes behind the scenes not listed above. We are proactively working on continuing to update and improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 for everyone and we are currently investigating issues including, but not limited to: * Career Mode - Players experiencing crashes during multi-day events * Multiplayer - When a player tries to join a multiplayer game the player is kicked back to the main menu * Mastery - Mastery challenges failing to complete If you are experiencing an issue please feel free to report it directly to us HERE [] We want to thank you to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback, we are listening. Tight Lines!
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Become The Predator on 01.20.22 - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022
Get ready to sink your teeth into the Predator Equipment Pack on January 20th! Equip yourself with outstanding boat wraps, new clothing, lures, and unique Mastery challenges to complete. This gripping equipment pack is for players who are looking to dominate the competition and conquer the lake. 4 New Stunning Boat Wraps The Predator Equipment Pack comes charged with 4 new stunning boat wraps that will turn you into the talk of the lake . The brand-new Predator wrap leads your boat with the aggressive jaws of a predator fish. If you’d rather, you can hide in plain sight with the brand-new Camo wrap available. For those that like things hot, we’ve got you covered with the standout Inferno boat wrap and clothing that you can unlock through 2 Tiers of Mastery Challenges! Kit yourself out with new clothing It's all very well beating the competition, but, of course, you want to do it in style! The Predator Equipment Pack comes with a variety of clothing options to match the exciting new boat wraps. A personal favourite of ours it the Predator Snood and cap. Equip the best loadout The final piece to becoming the predator is to fish like one! Not only do we have some great new lures from new in-game brands such as Bagley, but we also have a host of other items for you to use on the lake. Try out new lures from 13 Fishing and equipment sets from Favorite such as the Fire Stick Casting and Jack Hammer Spinning set. All-new Mastery Challenges If you’re a player who is looking for a bit more of a challenge, this pack comes stacked with 4 unique Mastery Challenges. Take on Bass Rush where you need to use the new Rush Spinning Rod to catch some huge bass or Fire Away where you must land 10 fish using the Fire Stick set. Complete these to unlock the fiery Inferno Cosmetics! Exciting new boat wraps, clothing, lures, rods, reels, and new Mastery Challenges make the Predator Pack a must have! The Predator Equipment Pack is available on all platforms for £5.99/ €6.99/ $7.99 on January the 20th. To keep up to date with everything Bassmaster Fishing 2022, sign up to our info packed newsletter or follow us over on our socials so you don’t miss a drop of info. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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