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Hey there anglers!
Another month has passed and that can only mean one thing: another month will begin. Oh, and it’s Bass Bulletin time, of course! It’s been another busy month with the launch of 2022 Classic Update, Lake Hartwell the start of the 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic. Add in some game updates, the latest instalment of our Bass Games Series presented by Ronnie Moore, and the mouth-watering prospect of this weekend’s Bassmaster Classic. We’ve got a lot to get through so, let’s begin.
Before we cast out into this month’s Bass Bulletin, we want to take a moment to mention to you all that this weekend, between March 4-6, the real world 2022 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Huk is taking place on the iconic Lake Hartwell.
We want to wish our in-game playable anglers Scott Martin, Hank Cherry, Buddy Gross, John Crews, Takumi Ito, Stetson Blaylock, and Jeff Gustafson the very best of luck. Some of the team have flown out to attend the event this weekend so be sure to keep an eye out on our socials to see some special behind-the-scenes content., and don’t forget you can take part in our 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic in-game, now!

Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Classic Update & Lake Hartwell

On February 17, we released both the Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Classic Update and Lake Hartwell. For players who are looking to join the Bassmaster Fishing 2022 world, the Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Classic Update is a bundle of the core game plus Lake Hartwell. For those of you who are already Bassmaster Fishing 2022 aficionados, Lake Hartwell is now available to expand your bass fishing experience.
The addition of Lake Hartwell takes our real-world venue roster up to 9 - with Lake Hartwell being a special one because it also happens to be the official venue of this year’s real-world Bassmaster Classic® taking place between March 4 -6.
For all the details take a look at our article HERE

2022 Online Bassmaster Classic

To celebrate the launch of the iconic Lake Hartwell into Bassmaster Fishing 2022, the official venue for this year’s Bassmaster Classic, we are hosting our very own 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic for players to compete in. There are 3 rounds to take part in between February 25 and March 6, March 6 being the final day of the real-world Bassmaster Classic.
By taking part in the event you’re not only competing to be crowned the 2022 Online Bassmaster Classic Champion but we also have some very special, exclusive rewards for taking part - take a look.
We’ve seen some very impressive weigh-ins so far and the competition is very tight! It’s not too late to take part either. Round 1 ends March 2, so jump in and start competing. For all the information about the event, rewards, and how to take part read the article here.

Bass Gaming with Ronnie Moore

Episode 3 of Bass Gaming with Ronnie Moore is now live with special guest Jeff Gustafson talking about his career and using his experience fishing in Canada to capitalise on the Elite circuit, all while fishing on Toledo Bend. If you have missed our previous episodes with Hank Cherry and Scott Martin, you can watch them all below.

Game Updates

On February 15 we released our biggest update yet to Bassmaster Fishing 2022. This update provided a number of improvements and fixes to the game, plus the addition of beards, and the ability to change both your beard colour and hair colour.
Here are a few of the highlights from that update:
  • Mastery – We are trialling a possible fix for Mastery Challenges not tracking or completing. We recommend all players to log out of Dovetail Live via the settings menu, re-launch the game and log back in. if you continue to experience any issues with Mastery, please let us know HERE.
  • Fish – When fishing in areas where the water is 60+ feet deep fish are now able to see lures from a greater distance and will now more actively pursue lures that are within their line of sight.
  • Fish - We have improved the fish behavior to prevent very large groups of fish from congregating at specific POIs, you will still likely find fish at these POIs but fish will now be more active throughout the session and will move around venues.
  • BEARDS – A selection of beards are now available for players to use in game
  • Hair – You are now able to change the colour of your angler’s hair and beard
  • Audio – Improvements to audio when fish leap or break the surface of the water during fish fights
  • Menu – An issue causing the game to crash when navigating to the boat selection screen has now been resolved
  • Loadouts – An issue preventing players from being able to make changes/create new loadouts while fishing on a venue has been resolved
  • UI – An issue that was causing players to have a loss of their UI after catching a fish has been resolved
To read the full list of changes in this update click here
That’s a wrap for this month’s Bass Bulletin and we’ll be back next month!
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