Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Hello anglers,
We hope you’re enjoying your first taste of Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, and have been catching all-manner of g-g-g-giant bass in your time on the water! We’ve been fascinated to watch you all find your hotspots, share screenshots of your catches, and support other players in getting onto the water. We also appreciate all the feedback you’ve been sending us so far.
In this Bass Bulletin, we’ll share with you our plan for updates we have coming up, and talk about the patch process from a development perspective. There is also an update on the first multiplayer lake rotation, and details of a special reward for our beta testers.
Stat attack
First, let’s kick off with some stats. As of Wednesday 3rd November, you’ve caught an incredible…
Well done to everyone who has contributed, and here’s to many more millions to come!
Bassmaster Updates
Now, onto the serious stuff. Bassmaster Fishing 2022 will continue to receive updates for quite some time to come. Our initial aim will be to make overall improvements and fixes based on your comments before moving on to adding more to the game.
We will act on issues as quickly as possible once we have confirmed and reproduced the reports you have sent. This can feel like a slow process, but updates will be rolling out soon with smaller changes to begin with. You can expect more significant upgrades later.
It’s worth noting that at this early stage we’re focusing primarily on fixing issues, rather than adjusting gameplay balance. These will come through a little further down the line.
Update #1
The first of these patches is currently in testing, and covers gameplay issues that have been flagged as critical. This is a small update, but we wanted to ensure these problems were resolved as quickly as possible. We’ve already solved some server issues for all players, although we have a lot more to do to improve the multiplayer experience.
Here are some of the fixes included – this is not the full list, but perhaps gives a sense of the size of updates.
These are:
  • Fixed an issue in the tutorial preventing progress
  • Fixed an issue in which players cannot toggle back to underwater camera after snagging (PC/Xbox)
  • Fixed an issue whereby fish were swimming out of bounds in Lake Hamilton
  • Initial upgrades to graphic, UI, and menu
Update #2
The full package of changes for Update 2 will be finalized ahead of its release. You can expect this patch to continue to focus on areas that players have fed back. These are the areas we are already addressing.
These are:
  • Increasing online server accessibility and stability for all players
  • Trolling motor not functioning properly
  • Career mode games not completing properly (as a quick workaround, stop your boat, stand up, and the game should finish)
  • Making Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper lure function as intended
  • Tutorial and parts of tutorial able to be skipped
  • Improvements to lobby screen while waiting for Bassmaster Royale games
There are additional areas we’ll be focusing on and investigating. Updates falling into these categories will be addressed but may wait for a later update.
These are:
  • Online server naming
  • Audio notification improvements
  • Fish behavior rebalancing
  • Sponsorship discounts are not applied
  • Griefing prevention in multiplayer modes
  • Issues with catching blue catfish
  • Mastery items not unlocking
  • Tasks completed in game not rewarding players with cosmetics
  • Sponsorship and Bass Bucks rebalancing
  • Continued server improvements
  • Graphical issue improvements (hair clipping through hats, etc.)
  • Reel speed changes
  • Better signposting for where you can find your Deluxe content
  • Boat and lure stuttering
For a full list of the larger issues we’re aware of and are currently working on (as well as some handy workarounds), please head here. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but features a lot of the more regularly-reported issues.
Our aim, particularly in this early stage after launch is to release improvements regularly. We want Bassmaster Fishing 2022 to be an excellent fishing game experience. Every piece of feedback you give us will help achieve that.
Beta Jersey
We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped throughout our Closed Alpha and Beta sessions. Your input and support has been invaluable as we’ve been building the game.
We'll be sending you this ‘OG’ jersey as a token of our appreciation.
You’ll be sent a key to redeem the jersey on your chosen platform by email. We don’t have a timeframe for this at the moment, but when we do, we’ll let you know.
Once again, we wanted to extend a big thank-you to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback. We hope that we can continue to improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 with you.
Tight lines!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022