Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Hi there Anglers,
We have just released a game update for all platforms*. There are over 80 changes, fixes, and improvements in this update several of which focus on overall game performance, environmental changes across all venues to reduce the effect of “LOD popping” (this means you shouldn’t see buildings/foliage etc popping in and out as much and this makes the overall experience smoother). Plus based on your feedback we have made some gameplay balancing changes.
Let's get into it!


  • Gameplay – An issue causing players to get stuck reeling without being able to reset the cast has been resolved
  • Gameplay – College Series events in Career mode have been shortened to 20 minutes (previously 30 minutes)
  • Gameplay – Increased the population of Largemouth and Smallmouth bass and reduced the population of Blue Catfish, Chain Pickerel, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Longnose Gar, White Crappie, Black Crappie, and Bluegill on Lake Seminole
  • Gameplay – Increased the population of Largemouth and Smallmouth bass and reduced the population of Black Crappie, White Crappie, Bluegill and Yellow Perch on Jordan Lake


  • Career Mode – Jordan Lake & Lake Seminole’s final event will now start at sunrise
  • Career Mode – Further improvements made to the Classic Winners celebration
  • Gameplay – Fish Simulation Distance has been reduced on Lake Hamilton, Lake Ray Roberts, Toledo Bend, Lake Guntersville, Sabine River, Lake Hartwell, Lake Seminole, and Jordan Lake to improve performance on these venues.
  • Gameplay – Player spawn position on St. Johns River, Sabine River and St Lawrence River in Career and Online Public Serves has been changed
  • Gameplay – Improvements to dynamic shadows on boats
  • Gameplay – The scale of the Lake Seminole map has been adjusted to ensure player GPS Markers line up correctly
  • Gameplay – Players can no longer change casting methods while casting
  • Gameplay – Resolved an issue causing some players to experience crashes during the career mode introduction sequence
  • Tutorial – Removed the section of the tutorial where players are instructed to open the inventory
  • Tutorial – Change made to the Snagging objective to make breaking free from the snag easier to achieve
  • Environment – Improvements made to rain


  • Bassmaster Royale – Resolved an issue causing some players to experience crashes when joining Bassmaster Royale games
  • Bassmaster Royale – Improved the logic to ensure culling during Bassmaster Royale games works as intended
  • Online Public Servers – Resolved an issue causing TOD to freeze when a player opens the options menu
  • Online Public Servers – The TOD cycle will now begin when the first player loads into a venue, rather than when the server is initially created
  • Online Public Servers – Resolved an issue causing servers to shut down resulting in players being kicked out
  • Online Tournaments – Tournament rounds will start at 7am


  • UI – A label and icon have been added to the Sunglasses category that contains the Synthwave glasses
  • UI – Changed Catch Summary to show the TOD fish were caught
  • UI – Players will only be able to change the colour of hair, beard, and glasses lenses when in the correct menu
  • UI – Resolved an issue where if a player deletes the final rod in a load out the player would be unable to back out of the loadout menu
  • UI – If a player loses connection to online services they will be presented with a notification
  • UI – Fixed an issue causing the Lake Hamilton map texture to load on other venues
  • UI – Updated the Legendary fish length values to show 1 decimal point
  • UI – Resolved issue causing overlapping text in the Catch Summary Screen
  • UI – Resolved multiple issues causing the game to crash for some players when scrolling through venues


  • Character Customization – When a player changes their glasses the colour of the lenses will no longer change
  • Dovetail Live – Resolved an issue causing a crash when players attempt to register for Dovetail Live
Thank you as ever to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback, we are listening. We hope that we can continue to improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 and we’ll keep you updated on future updates. *(excluding Nintendo Switch – we will let you know about an update coming soon).
Tight Lines!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022