Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Getting Started with Bassmaster® Fishing 2022

Hey there Anglers!
We want to start by saying a huge thank you to everyone who has been playing Bassmaster Fishing 2022. It's amazing to see so many messages, catches and live streams. This article is your one stop shop for getting started with Bassmaster Fishing 2022.
The Tutorial
For new players opening the game, after you have chosen/created your angler you will load straight into the Tutorial. This is skippable any time simply by opening settings and hitting Quit. If you do skip the tutorial and want to re-play it you can find it in the Angler Hub.
You can also take a look at the Manual here.
Getting Started video series on YouTube
To help give players some extra information and tips we have been uploading a series of Getting Started videos on YouTube
In our first video “The Basics” we introduce you to the on screen UI, fish finder, map, finding and catching fish.
Our second video takes a look at Snagging – what snagging is and how to un-snag your lure and the GPS marker system.
The third video in this series discusses using the Trolling Motor and the Sponsorship system.
(To note, we are aware that the discounts earned through your sponsors are not currently registering when you go to purchase your items, and that players on PS4/5 are also experiencing issues using the Trolling Motor we are aware and we are investigating)
In part four we talk about Basic Cast Control Vs Total Cast Control. One thing this video doesn’t show you is how to actually control the cast when using Total cast Control. You start as normal by hitting the cast button, from here you need to hold down the cast button while using your mouse or joystick to pull back your rod, when ready push the mouse/joystick forward and release your cast button to release the lure. This does take a little practice to master but when you nail it, the results are awesome!
Community Content
There has also been some awesome community created content that we think are a great resource for players who want to master Bassmaster Fishing 2022.
Starting with a great video by Professor Smooth This video covers the controls on Xbox, the user interface, sponsorships, how to fish, snagging, quick catch, lures and hooks - you name it, professor smooth will help get you catching fish!
Jumping into your first career tournament can be daunting, thankfully WobblyCaptain has a super helpful video showing you some of his spots and gives some handy advice about practicing and finding your spots - you can always hit "Practice" to learn the lay of the lake before you start the event!
Feedback from you, the players is crucial to us improving the game so please do keep speaking to us via our Discord, Socials and Official Forums. We are listening.
Bassmaster Fishing 2022
Getting Started with Bassmaster® Fishing 2022