Bassmaster Fishing 2022

Predator Equipment Pack – Out Now!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water! The Predator Equipment Pack launches today and has over 30 new in-game items such as the Predator boat wrap, Inferno Mastery Challenges, Camo clothing and a whole host of new fishing equipment! Store links can be found at the bottom of this article.

Become the Predator

Turn up the heat, and rock up in style with 4 outstanding boat wraps, new clothing, lures, and 2 unique tiers of Mastery challenges to complete. Not only does the pack come with some truly great looking equipment but it also introduces Bagley lures as a new brand to the game for you to use out on the lake.

Inferno Mastery Challenges

Alongside new cosmetics, you'll have new Mastery challenges to complete too, exclusive to the Predator Pack. Complete these various challenges with different objectives using equipment from the predator pack to unlock the fiery Inferno Cosmetics!

Standout Boat Wraps

If you want to chew up the opposition, you'd better look the part. Sneak up on those huge bass in the Camo wrap or turn heads on the water with the Predator wrap’s huge teeth! For those looking to bring that professional tone to tournaments, the all-new Bagley boat wrap looks the part.

Only the best equipment

Switch up your bass fishing loadout with 10 new lures from Bagley and 13 Fishing. The pack also comes with 4 new rods and reels from Favorite, equip new items such as the Fire Stick Casting, Rush Spinning or Jack Hammer Spinning sets.
Whilst we continue to work on improving your game over the coming months (see here for some stability improvements added this week), we hope you enjoy sinking your teeth into the Predator Pack - after all, what's the point in being an Apex Predator if you can't have a little fun in the process?


  • £5.99/ €6.99/ $7.99





We are aware of a small group of PlayStation 5 players encountering a Code ce107880-4 error when downloading the Predator Equipment Pack. If you experience this, Sony's guidance is to wait 24 hours before downloading the DLC. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
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Bassmaster Fishing 2022
Predator Equipment Pack – Out Now!