Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Hey Anglers,
Update 2 is here and is available to download on all platforms. Take a look below to see all the details of what we have improved in Update 2. We are already working on Update 3 and we’ll keep you posted on when that will be and what it will included as soon as we can.
All the fixes below affect all platforms unless specified otherwise.
  • Fish – Blue Catfish are now catchable
  • Fish - Players can no longer catch the same fish once it’s been caught
  • Fishing - Reeling speeds have been rebalanced
  • Tutorial – New players will be presented with a choice to play the Tutorial or not and will be informed they can quit the Tutorial from the settings and play it again via Anglers Hub
  • Tutorial – You can now skip through sections of the Voice Over in the Tutorial
  • Gameplay – A Starting Point icon has been added to the map to help players see where they started from and where to get back to
  • Career - Career mode events will now always end when the timer hits 0:00 automatically
  • Bassmaster Royale – More information has been added to give players information about how many players are in the pre-game lobby and when the next match will start
  • Multiplayer [Xbox & Win10] - Online multiplayer servers will no longer disappear after 1 hour of gameplay
  • Loadouts - Rods will no longer revert to rod 1 after driving your boat
  • Loadouts – Players can now create over 8 rods without it defaulting to the wrong Loadout in game
  • Audio – Players will no longer lose audio when a Waypoint has been placed
  • Multiplayer - In an effort to prevent “griefing” when playing online, if a player parks their boat inside another players boat this will no longer prevent the player from being able to stand up or cast
  • Deluxe – All Deluxe Edition lures are now available to Deluxe Edition owners in game
  • Career [Xbox] – First Career event on Toledo Bend no langer causes the game to crash for some players
  • Gameplay – If a player skips the tutorial the game will no longer default to Total Cast Control
  • Gameplay – Placed Waypoints on venues are now more accurately placed
  • Fishing – Some Lures are now positioned correctly on the end of the line when viewed by the underwater camera
  • Catch Shots – Female anglers now hold Flathead Catfish correctly
  • Catch Shots – Catch Shot animations should now all appear as intended
  • Catch Summary – At the end of events Bass Bucks earned are now displayed correctly
  • Lures - Shockwave Bombshell & Fisholicious are no longer blown up in the catch shots
  • UI – Stats for Smallmouth Bass are now shown in the Species List for Lake Guntersville
  • UI - Accurate time of day will now display in the UI on the top left while in game
  • UI – The player icon on the map has been changed from Red to Yellow
  • UI – The Catch Summary screen will now show the location of your catches on the map
  • UI – When a player selects the Time of Day it will now take affect first time
  • Loadout - Deleting a rod from a load out will no longer prevent a player from loading into a game
  • Loadout - Images for the Pulsator Spinnerbait are now the correct way up
  • Loadout - Adjustments to the 10lb Braided line to prevent it from breaking more than the 7lb line
  • Settings [Steam & Win10] - Changes to key binds will now take affect
  • Characters – Fixed texture stretching on the neck of some characters
  • Customization - T-shirts will no longer clip through shorts
  • Customization - Players are now able to equip new boat wraps and will not be prompted to re-purchase an already purchased boat wrap
  • Customization – Improvements made to the ponytail hairstyle
  • Menus - Smallmouth Bass now appear in the species list for Lake Guntersville
  • Mastery [Xbox] - Players can now scroll between venues when viewing Mastery Challenges
  • Languages [Steam] – Latin American Spanish has been added as a language
  • DTL – Players who have been unable to log into their Dovetail Live Accounts should now be able to
  • Player Stats – Counter for Bass caught in the Players Profile in Anglers Hub is now working correctly
  • Audio – Short musical stingers have been added before Dave Mercer comments on your catch
There are also various other fixes and changes behind the scenes not listed above.
Thank you to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback, we are listening. We hope that we can continue to improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 and we’ll keep you updated with our progress.
Tight Lines!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022