Bassmaster Fishing 2022


Hello anglers,
Update 3 is here and is available to download on all platforms. Take a look below to see all the details of what we have changed in Update 3.
We are already working on Update 4 we are hoping to have this update out before Christmas, keep an eye out on our socials for more information.
All the fixes below affect all platforms unless specified otherwise.
  • Career - Catching qualifying species during career events will now always register
  • Gameplay - The Trolling motor will now operate as intended
  • Online - Further improvements to online server stability Online – Timer now accurate in Bassmaster Royale
  • Online – When player hits pause in Bassmaster Royale it will now display the qualifying species for that mode
  • Online - Players can now scroll through the “players waiting” when waiting for a Bassmaster Royale game
  • Online – Leader board has been removed from Online Public Servers as it is not working as intended
  • Gameplay – When a player catches a Blue Catfish it is now displayed as intended
  • Gameplay – T-shirts now look as they should during the catch shots scene
  • Gameplay – Collision has been added to the player to prevent the camera being able to pass inside the player
  • Gameplay – Catch shots when the player is kneeling are now performing as intended (players arms no longer clip into the players body and look more natural)
  • Menu – Issue preventing some players from being able to pick a Loadout before loading into a venue has now been resolved
  • Menu (PS4) – When scrolling through venues the lake preview videos now play as intended
  • Settings (PC) – If a player has amended the screen percentage this will be saved when re-opening the game
  • UI – When a player is looking at their catch summary in the pause menu the lure description will no longer obscure this fish species name.
  • UI – Correct time of day is displayed in game when a player sets the time of day and changes the time-of-day speed
  • General (Win10) – The game will now load up as expected with or without internet connection
  • Characters – improved textures to some of the character models eyes
There are also various other important fixes and changes behind the scenes not listed above.
Thank you to everyone who is playing and enjoying the game, as well as providing us with continued feedback, we are listening. We hope that we can continue to improve Bassmaster Fishing 2022 and we’ll keep you updated with our progress.
Tight Lines!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022