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Euro Fishing: Latest Update Out Now!

We’re pleased to announce that the latest update for Euro Fishing is now available on all platforms.
This patch sees the introduction of our Xbox One X enhancements, which will allow users to play at a higher resolution and level of detail on the Xbox One X console.
Also in this patch we have made a number of improvements to the hooking and fighting of the fish. The line snapping that was occurring for clients in multiplayer has now been addressed and we have fixed an issue where the window of time for not losing a fish on a second or third line was not activating. In addition to this, the fish turning upside down when running out of stamina has also been fixed.
Full patch notes can be found below * Improved fish fighting experience when playing large fish.
* Fixed issue where fish out of stamina would turn upside down.
* Fixed issue regarding line snapping for clients in multiplayer.
* Fixed issue when playing a fish on the line, the window of time to not lose a fish on the second/third line would not activate.
* Fixed issue when calculating window of time to not lose fish on a second/third line would crash the game.
* Fixed issue where power bar fails to reset when selecting 'Short Cast' while casting using Simple Cast Control.
* Fixed issue where button prompts remained persistent after walking past a teleport point and opening the tackle box. * (Xbox One only) Added support for Xbox One X. * Various minor fixes
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Euro Fishing: Latest Update Out Now!
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