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Art Deco Detail

Experience a true London veteran that harkens back to the Art Deco era, with Rivet Games’ London Underground 1938 Tube Stock coming to Train Sim World 2, October 14!
In 1935, plans were drawn up for modernising public transport throughout London, including new generations of trams, buses, and new rolling stock for London’s deep level Underground lines to support their under-construction extensions. The result for the latter was the 1938 Stock, a revolutionary new design at the time, with all the traction equipment installed under the train floor, instead of behind the driver’s cab, expanding capacity on every service.
The 1938 Stock would go onto having a long-lasting career, working on the Northern, Piccadilly and Central Lines, and of course the Bakerloo Line, which they operated on until the 1980s. As if this wasn’t a prestigious life enough as is, a handful of sets would be shortened to 2 cars, adapted for third rail capability and painted in the striking Network SouthEast livery for use on the Isle of Wight as the Class 483, where they were used until January 2021, making them the oldest working passenger rolling stock in the country. Combine all this with the fact that the 1938 Stock’s revolutionary design would inspire future stock throughout the decades, it earned itself an unshakeable legacy and an enthusiastic following.
Get a first impression of the London Undergorund 1938 Tube Stock as Rivet Games take you on a Walkaround Preview of this classic locomotive:
Learn more about what has changed from Rivet Games as they showcase the differences between thier Class 483 from the Isle of Wight to the London Underground 1938 Stock:
Catch the Railfan TV team on Friday 8th October at 19:00 UTC. Sam will be joined by Matt from Rivet Games as they showcase the London Underground 1938 Tube Stock on the Bakerloo Line!
The London Underground 1938 Tube Stock is coming to Train Sim World 2, October 14. Stay up to date by following @TrainSimWorld on Twitter and Facebook.
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6 Oct
Art Deco Detail
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