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Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition + Loco Bundle

Get the most out of Train Sim World 3 with the arrival of the Deluxe Edition + Loco Bundle, bringing additional locomotives to three of the four core routes.
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Available now!

Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition + Loco Bundle brings a varied collection of modern and classic traction in each of the four core routes. The addition of locomotives from the Loco Add-on Bundle adds more scenarios and more services to their associated routes, as well as the ability to run them on Train Sim World Compatible routes in Scenario Planner. The bundle includes 14 locomotive and unit options:

Cajon Pass: Barstow - San Bernardino

  • BNSF ES44C4
  • BNSF SD40-2
  • Santa Fe F7
Haul mile-long BNSF freight trains through California with the powerful ES44C4 and SD40-2 locomotives plus the iconic F7 in Santa Fe livery.

Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Würzburg

  • DB BR 401 ICE 1,
  • DB BR 403 ICE 3,
  • DB BR 185.2
  • Dispolok BR 182
Move passengers at up to 280 km/h with the ICE 1 and run the nightly fast freight services with the striking, yellow and grey Dispolok BR 182.

Southeastern Highspeed – Extended

  • SE Class 395 'Javelin'
  • SE Class 375
  • SE Class 465
  • EWS Class 66*
  • EWS Class 66* 'Railhead Treatment Train'
Master Britain’s fastest domestic passenger train with Class 395 ‘Javelin’ or move masses around Medway with the Class 375 and 465 EMUs. Run the all-important RHTT 'Railhead Treatment Train' to clear the rails using top-and-tailed Class 66s.

Spirit of Steam: Liverpool - Crewe

  • LMS Jubilee Class
  • LMS 8F Class
Head back into time to 1958 - the twilight of British main line steam. Drive the LMS Jubilee and 8F locomotives between Liverpool and Crewe, upgraded with the latest lighting and weather features of Train Sim World 3.
*An additional variant of the Class 66 is included too as part of the Training Center.

Why is this the right bundle for me?

Upgrading to Train Sim World 3

If you're upgrading to Train Sim World 3 from a previous Train Sim World release, this bundle brings a host of locomotives / units with one purchase! Southeastern Highspeed and Spirit of Steam are included with the extended and upgraded versions of these routes, along with Cajon Pass and Schnellfahrstrecke Kassel-Würzburg, plus the additional locomotives from the Loco Add-on Bundle.
These locomotives can be used with older Train Sim World Compatible routes through Scenario Planner and can be featured in the timetables of more recent Train Sim World 3 route Add-ons, such as the RHTT services added into the timetable of Birmingham Cross-City: Lichfield - Bromsgrove & Redditch and ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow (both separate route Add-on purchases).
Train Sim World 3 also brings with it dynamic weather, volumetric skies and upgraded lighting in each of the core routes.

First time in Train Sim World?

If you're joining us for the first time... welcome to Train Sim World! This bundle gives you a host of routes, locomotives and units to get along with, as well the Training Center (ideal for first-time players!) and the three main forms of traction: Steam, Diesel and Electric!
The addition, in this bundle, of extra locomotives from the Loco Add-on Bundle means one less Add-on to purchase and gives hours more gameplay across the three core routes.

Access to more route Add-ons

Purchasing Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition + Loco Bundle means that you'll be able to buy the latest route and locomotive Add-ons too. Already we've released the following routes that are exclusive to Train Sim World 3:
... with more on their way!
Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition + Loco Bundle is out now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, and Steam! It is available for £59.99/€74.99/$74.99
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Train Sim World 3: Deluxe Edition + Loco Bundle