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Festival of Rail 2023 Schedule

Hello everyone, next week we have our Festival of Rail (February 2nd to February 6th) which will feature lots of gameplay and fun challenges to watch live, including new announcements and previews of upcoming content over the next two months! Oh, and I didn’t even get around to the Steam rewards!
Catch us live on our official channels and tune in on our Steam Store Page to be up for a chance to get the Steam background and emote reward drops for both Train Sim World and Train Simulator Classic.
This post is to showcase our schedule for the full event, so you don’t miss out! Each day will have one headliner from Dovetail Games, and then 3 slots of ambassador content - the exact times of these streams may vary slightly off the ones listed, but set your alarms now for your favourites!
Event Schedule
Thursday 2nd February
This day will be focused on newer players and showcasing our core routes.
  • 17:00 UTC – Hentis Rail, TSW3 - Southeastern High Speed
  • 18:00 UTC – Jimmy Dali, TSW3 – Birmingham Cross City
  • 19:00 UTC – Dovetail Games – Introduction to TSW3 (Alex)
  • 20:00 UTC – Ramagani, TSW3 Cajon Pass
Friday 3rd February
  • 17:00 UTC – MegaSim, TSW – West Cornwall Local
  • 18:00 UTC – Blu Games, TSW – Horseshoe Curve
  • 19:00 UTC – Dovetail Games – Bremen – Oldenburg Let’s Play
  • 20:00 UTC – TrainSimulatorDriver, TSW – West Cornwall Local
Saturday 4th February
Our Train Simulator Classic day, with a Pegnitzalbahn showcase headliner!
  • 17:00 UTC – TrainSimulatorDriver, TSC – Philadelphia – New York
  • 18:00 UTC – The British Ace, TSC – Brighton Mainline
  • 19:00 UTC – Dovetail Games – Pegnitzalbahn Showcase
  • 20:00 UTC – TrainSimPlay, TSC – Cologne - Koblenz
Sunday 5th February
Our ‘Big Bang’ explosive finish to the event, with a TSW Summit showcasing some of the upcoming content you can look forward to for the next couple of months! This is one not to miss. There might also be a couple of cheeky announcements for new content on the side, too.
We will also be hosting a very technical ambassador challenge – Driving across Birmingham Cross City with no HUD and only in the rear cab! Who of our intrepid team of creators will end up on top?
  • 17:00 UTC – The British Ace, Birmingham Cross City Ambassador Challenge
  • 18:00 UTC - TrainSimulatorDriver, Birmingham Cross City Ambassador Challenge
  • 19:00 UTC - Ramagani, Birmingham Cross City Ambassador Challenge
  • 20:00 UTC – Dovetail Games - The TSW3 Summit (JD and Matt)
(as a note, the February TSW Roadmap article and stream will take place on Thursday, February 9th, after the Summit).
Monday 6th February
The final day of our event as it ends at 6pm UTC.
17:00 UTC – Rob Jansen, TSW3 – Birmingham Cross City
Thank you to all our wonderful ambassadors who signed up to be involved in this mega-event, we are grateful to this great community and look forward to seeing you all live!
Train Sim World 4
Festival of Rail 2023 Schedule