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Fife Circle Line - Coming Soon

Iconic cantilevers, a picturesque coastline and a new DMU – we return to Scotland, this time in a Class 170 for Rivet Games’ Fife Circle Line arriving 26th March for Train Sim World 4 and available for pre-order on Steam!
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The long-awaited introduction of the Turbostar to Train Sim World takes ScotRail’s Class 170 variant through gorgeous Gaelic scenery out from the capital Edinburgh and through to the Lowlands via a circuitous route.

NEW DMU – Class 170 Turbostar

Climb aboard the ScotRail Class 170, a popular DMU throughout the UK, and serve the regions of Lothian and Fife on one of Scotland’s last diesel-operated commuter lines. Known, along with other classes, as the Turbostar the Class 170 has run across the UK from when the first units were built in the late 1990s and introduced onto various parts of the Scottish rail network over the next decade or so.
As the network became increasingly electrified, they began to be replaced by other units such at the Class 385 EMU seen in the Edinburgh – Glasgow route Add-on. Today, their real-life journeys through Fife join lines elsewhere in Scotland up in the Highlands where diesel traction is still required.
In game, ScotRail’s Class 170 comes complete with an auto-announcer, as seen in the previous two route Add-ons by Rivet Games. This operates similar to Berninalinie’s whereby the player does not need to press buttons to activate them along the route. The cab also features functioning GSMR.
You can read more about how Rivet Games have developed the Class 170, including use of photogrammetry in the first of their three Dev Blogs.
Given the Class 170’s reach has, over time, extended to many other parts of the British railway network, players will undoubtedly wish to take it beyond Fife Circle in Free Roam and get creative in Livery Designer! Over the last 30 years, Class 170s have appeared in the real-life areas covered by Cathcart Circle, Edinburgh – Glasgow, Birmingham Cross-City, Midland Main Line, London Commuter and East Coast Main Line through a multitude of current and former operators.

The Route: Edinburgh - Markinch via Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy

Though the main terminus at Edinburgh Waverley is shared between this and the previous Edinburgh – Glasgow route Add-on, along with the stretch through Haymarket, beyond that it is all new territory to explore across the Firth of Forth! 52 miles and 20 stations in all make up the extent of the route represented in-game.
Between Haymarket and Edinburgh Park, the line branches north through South Gyle and Edinburgh Gateway, with the latter serving the nearby airport. From there it’s off to Dalmeny where trains begin to make their way across one of the world’s most famous bridges – the Forth Bridge.
This symbolic structure was completed in 1890 and is known across the globe as one of the great marvels of railway engineering and an iconic Scottish landmark. Trains travel through an 8,000 foot web of metalwork high above the water and the island Inchgarvie before arriving at North Queensferry on the other side.
At Inverkeithing, the line splits in two. From here trains can travel along the Loop Line, via Dunfermline and Cowdenbeath or the Main Line, along the coast via Burntisland and Kirkcaldy. Both lines join again near Glenrothes with Thornton and terminate at Markinch. From here, the in-game route travels north and out of the map.
Along the way there’ll be plenty of collectibles to find, including route maps, posters and the classic ScotRail barrel train planters, but also some adorable seal plushies! Those completing all the Mastery Challenges will be able to toggle the appearance of a Jaw(s)-dropping creature at the aquarium in North Queensferry...
Just before Markinch, the former Leven Railway used to branch off to the east and towards the coastal town of Leven. This branch line was closed to passengers in 1969 but ScotRail plan to reopen this line in June as the Levenmouth rail link.
Rivet Games have commented that once the real-life Leven branch extension opens, their teams will be able to research this area and look into the possibility of including this in the future.

Future release: ScotRail Class 158 Loco Add-on

If you read our February Roadmap, you’ll know that Rivet Games are working alongside Skyhook Games to add the ScotRail BR Class 158 to the Fife Circle Route. This will release later in the year and is currently in the 4 – 6 months section of our March Roadmap.

Services, Layers and Gameplay

Five Scenarios will be included for players to get into, including:
  • A photoshoot scenario from Edinburgh Waverley to Kirkcaldy
  • Boarding a train as a passenger to get to another one and taking that one round the full circle.
  • A service from Markinch to Edinburgh Waverley in a storm. An unexpected obstruction will alter the service for the player.
  • Collecting Class 170 trains and taking them to depot, before returning to Markinch
  • Driving from Dunfermline City to Edinburgh Waverley and emptying bins at the stations along the way!
In the timetable, services will consist primarily of Class 170 passenger services along the respective branches of the circle from Edinburgh Waverley, as well as a small number of shunting services. The forthcoming Skyhook Games Class 158 will also be available to operate in timetable mode when that comes later in the year.
Players with the ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow route Add-on will see plenty of services layer in for the Class 385, with many Edinburgh-bound services playable between Haymarket and Edinburgh Waverley.
The majority of players will also see East Coast Main Line layers with the LNER Class 801 Azuma that appear as AI services at Edinburgh Waverley.
Free Roam will give players the option to run Class 170 services in and amongst the timetable of ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow as well as other routes in their collection!
Train Sim World 4: Fife Circle Line: Edinburgh - Markinch via Dunfermline & Kirkcaldy route Add-on will be available on 26th March for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £29.99/€35.99/$39.99
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Fife Circle Line - Coming Soon