Train Sim World 3

Game Update – Train Sim World 3 – 6th September 2022

Hello folks – and welcome to the first game update of the Train Sim World 3 era. We have a huge update, consisting of some of the improvements coming from Early Access weekend, and lots of Preserved Collection updates.
These are released on TSW3 today, but we’ll update on TSW2 release progress within our Roadmap articles. You can see the full list here (it’s a long one!), but here are the headlines.
Preservation Crew update for:
  • o Oakville Subdivision
  • o Rhein-Ruhr Osten
  • o Long Island Rail Road
  • o Peninsula Corridor
  • o Scottish Commuter
  • o LGV Méditerannée
Updated timetables for:
  • o Bakerloo Line (600+ services)
  • o Hamburg-Lübeck (220 total services if you own Köln-Aachen ICE 3M, DB BR 101 and DB BR 363)
Two additional services for Luzern-Sursee
Updated audio and LZB for DB BR 187
Bug fixes to Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street-Crewe
Note: Xbox players may see these a little later, as we await certification from Microsoft
Note: The update will download automatically for owners when it becomes available. Players should allow at least 24 hours after restarting Steam, EPIC Game Store, or their console for the update to appear and before contacting Customer Support. 

A note on Train Sim World Compatible content

Train Sim World Compatible (Previously Preserved Collection) content will begin to be available to download from today. Steam, Xbox, and Epic players can expect these to populate gradually over the next 48 hours.
For PlayStation players: Despite discussing and planning the roll-out for 3 months, we were informed by Sony last week that releasing all the routes within the planned and expected timeframe for PlayStation is not possible, so we’ll be operating a staggered release.
Here is the roll-out you can expect, coming in 3 weekly batches – you can find the full list on our forums.
Week 1: 6th September
  • o Southeastern High Speed and Spirit of Steam TSW3 version and free upgrade for TSW2 players
  • o Train Sim World 2 Core routes
  • o Routes featured in the Preserved Collection updates from today
Week 2: 13th September
  • o TSW2 routes and locos
Week 3: 20th September
  • o TSW2020 routes and locos
We hope you’re enjoying your experiences with Train Sim World 3 so far; you can let us know what you think about this update on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and our forums
Train Sim World 3
6 Sep
Game Update – Train Sim World 3 – 6th September 2022