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London Overground Suffragette line - Out Now!

Take control of one of London’s newest trains from today with the London Overground Suffragette line: Gospel Oak – Barking Riverside route Add-on, out now for Train Sim World 4!
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New Route, New Name!

Having spent years with an avid community following, this route became affectionately known as the ‘GOBLIN’, a portmanteau of Gospel Oak - Barking Line. But from February 2024 it was announced that the route would be known as the Suffragette line as part of TfL plans to name all of the London Overground routes to make the network easier for customers to navigate.
The in-game route has scenery that represents the built-up area around this part of north London, including dense collections of residential buildings and lighting that recreates the suburban atmosphere after the sun has gone down.
Freight services are layered from East Coast Main Line, which is available in Train Sim World 4: Standard, Deluxe and Special Editions and therefore playable for most Train Sim World 4 players.
The route includes the two distinctive stations at Barking and Barking Riverside. The former being a large interchange station for other London lines and the latter being a brand-new station in anticipation of the riverside development that is very much under way.
In order to recreate the feel of being in the uniquely designed and decorated London Overground stations, we have been sure to implement a number of signs and posters that are directly copied from the real-life route.
Some stations will also feature working lifts for the first time in Train Sim World, to aid players in getting around and hunting down collectibles. You can see an example of this working in the video below:
We incorrectly stated in a previous article that this would be a feature in the Bahnstrecke Salzburg – Rosenheim route Add-on. The articles have since been amended and we apologise for the error.
Beyond this, the line passes through the other 11 intermediate stations surrounded by dense suburban scenery and criss-crossed by a number of other railway lines, including other parts of the London Overground network, which run out of the map. One of these lines is the East Coast Main Line which will feature a full timetable of AI services for players to spot if they own all of the relevant content.

New EMU: London Overground Class 710

Screens, buttons and dual voltage functionality form the basis for a truly modern experience inside the cab of one of the latest trains in TfL’s fleet. Passengers get the clean and contemporary experience as well with PIS displays prominent throughout along with the classic Overground signage, in the spacious interior.
These EMUs run up to four trains per hour (tph) along the line with 154 playable services available, going up to 253 when including layers from additional content. The majority of AI traffic is also formed of Class 710 services utilising parts of other Overground lines that run out of the map under, over or joining with the Gospel Oak – Barking line.
Scenarios for the Class 710 are centred around various special events throughout the year, with players having to negotiate specific operations for Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night, as well as busy football fixtures and weather-related disruption.

Additional Service Layers

Players that own other Train Sim World routes and locomotives will be able to operate:
  • Class 66 freight services using FKA Wagons (East Coast Main Line)
    • Additional freight stock from Southeastern Highspeed
  • RHTT services from Loco Add-on Bundle / RHTT Loco Add-on
  • LMS Jubilee rail tour (Peak Forest Railway)
  • Class 33 Diesel rail tour (West Somerset Railway, plus Class 33 Loco Add-on)
Additional AI services will be seen with:
  • LNER Azuma Class 801 (East Coast Main Line)
  • Thameslink Class 700 Loco Add-on
  • Flying Scotsman Loco Add-on
  • London Underground 1938 Stock Loco Add-on
Plus, similar to Southeastern Highspeed there’ll be some ‘Easter Egg’ AI services from other Add-ons including:
  • Great Western Express
  • Tees Valley Line
  • London Commuter
  • Midland Main Line
  • and more!
The total of playable and AI services combined, with all layers from additional content comes to 1,439
Train Sim World 4: London Overground Suffragette line: Gospel Oak – Barking Riverside route Add-on is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam for £24.99/€29.99/$29.99
If you missed the Railfan TV team for the preview of Train Sim World 4: London Overground Suffragette line: Gospel Oak – Barking Riverside, head over to Twitch and YouTube
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19 Mar
London Overground Suffragette line - Out Now!