Train Sim World 4

March Releases and Midland Main Line

In our previous Roadmap article for March, we detailed our desire to bring you five pieces of new content prior to our next Roadmap, due on Tuesday, April 4th.
By way of an update, we’ve released West Cornwall Local: Steam Railtour, Linke Rheinstrecke: Mainz-Koblenz, Loco Add-on Bundle 2, and Niddertalbahn: Bad Vilbel – Stockheim, and we’ve been monitoring your feedback.
After much careful consideration with Skyhook, we have made the decision to release Midland Main Line: Leicester – Nottingham and Derby a little later, with an expected release date in April. This is to allow us to work with Skyhook to bring you the best possible experience with launch.
It also allows us time prior to Easter to work on some post-release improvements to you for our US content (which we expect to release this side of Easter), plus Linke Rheinstrecke, and Loco Add-on Bundle 2 (plus others) in the interim – More on this in April’s Roadmap article.
We’ll also be checking in on Midland Main Line within the Roadmap, so keep an eye out for some new screenshots!

PS4 Add-ons Manager

We've just released our bespoke solution over to PlayStation 4 players, meaning that users on this platform will be able to get the advantages of better general performance, system stability improvements, and for those with extensive collections, they should have full access to all their add-ons at once.
Read more about it on our PS4 Add-on Manager Update thread.
Thanks for your understanding; we’re really excited to see what you think, albeit a little later than originally planned.
Train Sim World 4
March Releases and Midland Main Line