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Free French Route: LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon

Ends 2nd June 2023

Download Train Sim World: LGV Méditerranée: Marseille – Avignon route Add-on completely free on all platforms until 2nd June 2023! Read more in our dedicated article.

PlayStation Planet of the Discounts Sale

24th May - 7th June 2023

Savings that are out of this (Train Sim) World!
Save on a selection of route and locomotive Add-ons during the PlayStation Planet of the Discounts Sale!
Take control of unique Canadian traction with CN’s GP9RM and the more conventional EMD GP38-2 to haul a variety of cargo across part of the Oakville Subdivision. Or add more routes to your German collection with both Tharandter Rampe: Dresden - Chemnitz and Hauptstrecke Rhein-Ruhr: Duisburg - Bochum.
Experience the busy timetable around the Big Apple from the cab of both M3A and M7A EMUs in Harlem Line: Grand Central Terminal - North White Plains or enjoy the scenic views along Britain’s south coast with East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford featuring the Class 377 EMU and EWS Class 66 freight locomotive.
If you've yet to jump into Train Sim World 3, then Deluxe Edition is now 50% off! Along with some of the latest Add-ons exclusive to Train Sim World 3, such as Birmingham Cross-City and Loco Add-on Bundle 2.

Epic Games MEGA Sale

18th May - 15th June 2023

Players on Epic can take advantage of discounts on Train Sim World content, plus further savings with 25% Coupons. More detail on the coupons can be found below:

  • Get 25% off when you spend $14.99 or more on Full Game Downloads*.
  • Coupons are limitless - Once an eligible transaction is completed, a new coupon will be credited to your account.
  • Coupons can be applied at a cart or single transaction level when the $14.99 threshold is met.
  • Coupons will expire on 15th June at 11am ET, in sync with the end of the MEGA Sale.
*DLCs/Add-Ons, Pre-purchases and Virtual Currencies do not apply.
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Train Sim World 3
26 May
Train Sim World Sales and Discounts