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Out Now - ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow

Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow is out now! Enter the cab of the sleek and modern Class 385 EMU and run services between Scotland’s two biggest cities.
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Available now!

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New Features

Both the route and traction for this busy Scottish commuter route come with a selection of features new to Train Sim World, courtesy of Partner Programme developer Rivet Games. For the first time a working TMS (Train Management System) screen provides the player with new and relevant information on the unit, as well as interactive functions, including the long-awaited arrival of PIS announcements! Whilst stationary, the system can be used to repeat announcements that recognise the location of the current service or give out those all-too-familiar warnings such as ‘Mind the Gap’. The ability to control these functions from the in-cab screen adds another layer of immersion to the unit and highlights the contemporary nature of Scotland’s newest addition to the ScotRail fleet.
Elsewhere in the train, accessible seat covers adorn the appropriate seats and functions from previous Rivet Games route Add-ons, like the working guards panel and automatic blinds in first class also make an appearance in the Class 385.
Across the route, the scenery and environment changes between the built-up urban and suburban landscapes of both Edinburgh and Glasgow, with abundant greenery and rolling countryside occupying much of the space between them. At Edinburgh, running parallel to the line near Haymarket, AI Edinburgh trams will be seen for the first time in Train Sim World, adding to the busy nature of services in and out of Edinburgh Waverley.
A number of hidden areas will also be available to explore, along with the challenge of finding the host of collectibles throughout the route – including some appropriately Scottish haggis plushies and bagpipe-themed suitcases! Edinburgh Waverley too has plenty of notable features. Players should check out the piano on the concourse for a musical treat!
Rivet Games’ first Train Sim World 3 route also implements updated features from other Train Sim World 3 routes, including dynamic weather, volumetric skies and catenary sparks on the overhead wires. The Class 385 is also available in Scenario Planner and Livery Designer, meaning that players can run their own services on other Train Sim World routes (such as Cathcart Circle) and add a splash of colour with their own custom liveries.

Official Licensee of ScotRail

Earlier this week, we sat down with ScotRail Class 385 driver Jonny to discuss his role on the rails and get his first thoughts on the route Add-on prior to launch. This sleek and modern EMU is vital to running many of ScotRail’s operations and forms a significant part of the real life driver’s training. Jonny touches on the joy of driving, the quirks of the route and how the Class 385 differs from its DMU predecessors.

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There's more to learn about ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow in our latest video on YouTube:
Train Sim World 3: ScotRail Express: Edinburgh – Glasgow is out now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Epic Games Store, and Steam. It is available for £29.99/$39.99/€35.99
Estimated download size for PS4 / PS5 = 4GB
If you missed our preview Stream earlier in the week featuring Matt, JD and Jasper from Rivet Games, you can rewatch it in full over on YouTube.
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Train Sim World 4
Out Now - ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow