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Prepare to wind back the clock to 1989, and experience heavy steel freight at its “hellfire” best, as the Tees Valley Line: Darlington to Saltburn-by-the-Sea is coming soon to Train Sim World!
Much like many other railways built in North East England, the Tees Valley Line shares its lineage with the Stockton and Darlington Railway and was born out of industrial advancements and the drive to increase production. The rural landscape was suited to the roaring fires of steel smelting, while the vast flatland countryside proved ideal for mass construction of both industrial buildings and expansive railway yards.
With local industry booming, along came housing to accommodate the workers, which when combined with the coastal town of Saltburn made the Tees Valley Line just as busy with passenger services. Local trains connected the residents to their place of work, as well as with Darlington and onto the East Coast Main Line, meanwhile inter-regional services connect to the Tees Valley Line at Middlesbrough.
The Tees Valley Line was still a major hive of activity throughout the late 1980s, and it is in this transitional era that the route will soon come to life in Train Sim World. You will be taking charge of the 27-mile section of the Tees Valley Line between Darlington and Saltburn-by-the-Sea as it was in 1989...

Tractor Time

The star of the show is the British Rail Class 37/5 in BR Trainload – Metals livery. The Class 37s were built to withstand almost any duty, and in Train Sim World, it’ll be up to you to haul vital steel and coal trains in and out of the various yards and industries, with all-new BBA and HEA wagons.

Shunter Spectacular

Organise freight wagons ready for further transportation with the British Rail Class 08, known affectionately as the “Gronk”. The Class 08’s short wheelbase makes it ideal for use in yards and sidings, with a tractive effort ready to get the heaviest of trains assembled.

Hard-working Heritage

Bearing the brunt of passenger duty is the British Rail Class 101. A classic that has served for decades, the Class 101 offers a very unique and hands-on driving experience. The 101 included in Tees Valley Line is the 3-car variant, with a central trailing car offering extra capacity, albeit traded for extra weight to cope with.
Watch this space as we bring you more on the Tees Valley Line, which is coming soon to Train Sim World!
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TSW: Thornaby Thrash