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Train Sim World 4: Easter Event 2024


We've re-opened our Easter seasonal event this year, bringing back our Training Center Easter egg hunt, and a chance to win Easter themed decals! Players on both TSW3 and TSW4 will be able to get involved in the event.
Find out all the details in this article, and whether you celebrate Easter or not, we hope you can enjoy the fun that our teams have put together!

Mastery Event Egg Hunt

If starting the event anew, you will not initially be able to find the Easter bunny in Training Center, you must first unlock the mastery tile and activate it.
To unlock the event, you will need to complete any scenario or tutorial, which will then reveal the mastery tile in your Mastery Rewards Menu. Activate it and then head over to the Training Center to start the egg hunt!
There are 15 hidden eggs across the Training Center, and by finding certain amount of them you will unlock Easter-themed decal rewards. Here are the challenge tiers:
  • Collect 3 eggs to unlock Easter Themed Decals.
  • Collect 6 eggs to unlock Easter Egg Decals.
  • Collect 12 eggs to unlock additional Easter Egg Decals.
  • Collect all 15 eggs and the basket is complete - Go and check out the last egg in the basket in Reception.
Each time you collect an egg, another egg will be added to the basket in the reception area with the Easter Bunny, so you can watch as it builds up!
Easter 2024 Disclaimer
As a heads-up to those who have previously started last years Easter egg mastery, the eggs will be hidden in the same positions, and due to the way our mastery tiles work, the progress you may have already made on this event will remain so you may find that the basket is already complete when enabling the tile.
You can start the event fresh, even if you've previously completed it, by creating a new player profile, and then following the above steps required to enable the tile to appear.
Training Center Easter Bunny
We encourage you to share your own completed egg baskets on social media, and please make sure to tag our accounts @TrainSimWorld! Why not even record the time it took you to find them all, and challenge others to do it faster?
Oh and don't worry if you are struggling to find all the locations, we have a social post going out over the weekend that will reveal the hidden locations of the eggs, only if you wish to have some help finding them all.
We won't reveal this for a few days, so be proud if you're able to get them all without any help!

Final Note

Those of you who have previously unlocked the Christmas Mastery Tile, you may already see the Easter mastery appear without even completing any services, but it will be missing an icon and will do nothing if you turn it on.
This is simply a visual error, and if you play a service the real mastery tile will unlock, and you can tell because it will correctly have the thumbnail, as shown:
We hope you enjoy this event, and again share with us any images or progress you've made on our socials or over on our forum spaces!
Train Sim World 4
27 Mar
Train Sim World 4: Easter Event 2024