Train Sim World: The First Week

Train Sim World released as a multi-route package on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on July 24th, and we’ve seen many of you delve in and explore since

We’ve taken a look into just what you all got up to within the first week following release, and you’ve definitely been busy!

Note: These stats are a combined total across all 3 platforms. Click to enlarge.


To put that into further perspective, 3,446,980 km (2,141,854 miles) travelled equates to over 218 copies of the entire British rail network, or around 66,930 NEC New York routes. Your most popular screenshot locations are shown above, but in total you have taken 8,342, and all of this has been done across 18,160,046 hours of gameplay, that’s the equivalent to 2,073 years!

Want to contribute to the mileage and rack up your hours in the cab of iconic traction, seek out collectables and capture once-in-a-lifetime shots? Then make sure to pick up Train Sim World on either PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Windows PC today.



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