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New American content for Train Sim World 3!

Grab yourself a cup-of-Joe, rustle up a New York bagel and hoist that star-spangled banner – new American content is coming to Train Sim World 3 from February 21st!
Eagle-eyed members of the Train Sim World community will no doubt have seen the sneaky tease of a certain Amtrak train during the Holiday Season and those that tuned into the Festival of Rail’s Train Sim World Spring Summit at the start of this month will have seen even more about what we have coming to Train Sim World in the future from the USA, UK and Germany.
But if you’re one of our many players across the pond in the USA, or just a fan of all things America, we have more than just one new train to announce this month. We have a new route, new liveries and upgrades to some existing Train Sim World routes too!
Individual US route and locomotive Add-ons are coming to Train Sim World 3 on February 21st! Information on Bundle options can be found at the bottom of this article.

All aboard Amtrak!

The flagship for this wave of American railroading content is arguably the icon that is Amtrak’s Acela®, arriving in Train Sim World for the first time! This high speed passenger train celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020 and continues to ferry Americans through the Northeast Corridor at speeds of up to 150 mph. The primary route for the Acela® will be an upgraded version of the Boston Sprinter route Add-on (more on that under ‘Upgraded Route Add-ons' below), but players will be able to take on another new route with this well-established member of the Amtrak fleet, both of them forming parts of the Northeast Corridor.

New route: New York – Trenton

Northeast Corridor: New York - Trenton, is also new to Train Sim World seeing passenger services run across the state borders of New York and New Jersey. This newly-built route features sixteen stations, including the line between New Brunswick and Trenton Transit Center, where the Acela® really stretches its legs! Both Amtrak and NJ TRANSIT locomotive-hauled passenger services occupy a busy timetable courtesy of the ACS-64 and ALP-46, with consists of Amfleet, ex-Metroliner and Multilevel coaches behind them. Timetable Services from Amtrak’s Acela® will layer on this new route Add-on.

Fallen Flags and Freight

For railfans fancying freight, the colorful selection of SD70ACe locomotives arriving through the Union Pacific Heritage Collection will celebrate some of the historic fallen flag railroads of decades gone by. The all-new liveries will depict the following locomotives, each available to operate in six Scenarios in an upgraded version of the Sherman Hill route Add-on (more on that below):
  • UP 1982 Missouri Pacific
  • UP 1983 Western Pacific
  • UP 1988 Missouri-Kansas-Texas 'The Katy'
  • UP 1989 Denver & Rio Grande Western
  • UP 1995 Chicago & North Western
  • UP 1996 Southern Pacific

Upgraded Train Sim World Route Add-ons

Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence, formerly known as Boston Sprinter, receives the Train Sim World 3 treatment and will form the route on which Amtrak’s Acela® will operate a number of Scenarios for passenger service players to enjoy. This route has also had significant work done to its signaling systems to improve the experience and features diesel-hauled passenger services courtesy of MBTA’s F40PC-3C locomotive and Cab Car.
The Union Pacific Heritage Collection will be available to run on the previously released Sherman Hill: Cheyenne – Laramie route Add-on, which also receives an overhaul to introduce the new weather and lighting features at the center of Train Sim World 3. Players will be able to haul by the Rocky Mountains under volumetric skies and in all weathers on part of America’s Transcontinental Railroad and through Cheyenne, the home of Union Pacific’s Roundhouse.
Existing Train Sim World 3 players that already own Sherman Hill and Boston - Providence as Compatible content will automatically receive an entitlement to the upgraded versions.

Pre-order your Bundle on Steam – 10% off!

Fans of both passenger and freight services in the United States are well catered for with three bundles available to pre-order on Steam from today! These bundles also come with Training Center and, in the case of the Freight Bundle, Cajon Pass: Barstow - San Bernardino from Train Sim World 3.
Amtrak’s Acela®, Northeast Corridor: New York – Trenton and Union Pacific Heritage Collection will also be available to purchase for Train Sim World 3 players as separate route / locomotive Add-ons from February 21st.
If you’re a Train Sim World 2 player that previously purchased Sherman Hill: Cheyenne – Laramie and Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence (aka: Rush Hour / Boston Sprinter), upgraded versions of both of these routes will become available absolutely free with the purchase of any Train Sim World 3 bundle, including the new Train Sim World 3: New York Starter Pack (available from February 21st) which features Training Center and Northeast Corridor: New York – Trenton.
And remember: Existing Train Sim World 3 players that own Sherman Hill and Boston - Providence as Compatible content will automatically receive an entitlement to the upgraded versions too.
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Pre-order on Steam now!

Pricing: Bundles and Starter Pack

US Passenger Bundle
  • £49.99/€59.99/$59.99
US Freight Bundle
  • £44.99/€49.99/$49.99
US Super Bundle
  • £79.99/€94.99/$94.99
New York Starter Pack
  • £29.99/€35.99*/$39.99
*€34.99 on PlayStation Store

Pricing – Individual Route / Locomotive Add-ons

Northeast Corridor: New York – Trenton
  • £29.99/€35.99/$39.99
  • Download Size Estimates: PS5 = 5.5GB / PS4 = 4.5GB
Amtrak's Acela®
  • £14.99/€17.99/$22.99
  • Download Size Estimates: PS5 = 0.5GB / PS4 = 0.5GB
Union Pacific Heritage Collection
  • £9.99/€11.99/$14.99
  • Download Size Estimates: PS5 = 0.5GB / PS4 = 0.5GB
Northeast Corridor: Boston – Providence
  • £24.99/€29.99/$29.99
  • Download Size Estimates*: PS5 = 4.5GB / PS4 = 4.5GB
Sherman Hill: Cheyenne – Laramie
  • £24.99/€29.99/$29.99
  • Download Size Estimates*: PS5 = 5.0GB / PS4 = 5.0GB
*Download size estimates for Boston - Providence and Sherman Hill are for those who are downloading these routes from scratch. Train Sim World 3 players who already own them will receive updates of a smaller size.
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Train Sim World 4
New American content for Train Sim World 3!