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West Cornwall Steam Railtour - Out Now!

Steam down the coast to Cornwall in a preservation era locomotive with this Route Gameplay Expansion Add-on for West Cornwall Local. Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour is out now courtesy of Rivet Games!
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Available now!

Spirit of Steam was one of the highlights for Train Sim World in 2022, bringing this vintage form of traction to the game for the first time. In this latest release by Partner Programme Developer Rivet Games, players can enjoy steam in the preservation era, running an LMS Jubilee on Great Western rails through to West Cornwall, gleaming in a fresh Crimson livery and with up-to-date mainline safety features.

A true, preservation-era locomotive

Rail tours continue to be a popular way for people to enjoy steam in the 21st century, but even during the 1990s, depicted in the West Cornwall Local Route Add-on, both steam and diesel excursions were arranged heading down to one of Britain’s prime holiday and touring destinations. In Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour, an updated preservation era LMS Jubilee locomotive with a fresh Crimson livery and rake of Mk1 coaches embarks on a number of scenarios through the county known locally as Kernow and on unfamiliar Great Western rails many miles from its LMS surroundings.
Though the class of locomotive remains the same from the 1950s Liverpool – Crewe route, for this latest release modern safety systems, now required for main line running, are included to give would-be drivers an authentic challenge different to that of the period setting in Spirit of Steam. The addition of this up-to-date, polished and re-liveried version of the LMS Jubilee also allows players to operate rail tours separately across a number of UK routes using Scenario Planner, even if they don’t own the West Cornwall Local route Add-on.

Festive lights, removable headboards and service layers.

The locomotive itself comes with both BR Black and LMS Crimson liveries available and a rake of Mk1 carriages. As part of the pack, a number of unique features will be included such as the optional addition of festive lights adorning the locomotive, as often seen on a number of real-life heritage railways throughout the UK, as well as removable headboards.
Service layers, available for those that own the West Cornwall Local route Add-on will see this new, preservation era LMS Jubilee grace the timetable of West Cornwall Local. 4 additional services and 5 distinct scenarios will expand the offering of this popular route Add-on, with the Class 37/5 also making an appearance in some of the services.
Those that own West Cornwall Steam Railtour, West Cornwall Local and ScotRail Express: Edinburgh - Glasgow will also see a rail tour service layer for the recently released Scottish route Add-on.
The team at Rivet Games have given the West Cornwall Local route a lick of polish in preparation for this release, with various scenery tweaks (including remodelling the iconic Truro Cathedral), so you can best enjoy this beautiful part of the world. These changes were implemented in last week’s Edinburgh – Glasgow update.
Developed by Rivet Games and published by Dovetail Games, Train Sim World 3: West Cornwall Steam Railtour Add-on is available now on the Steam Store, Epic Games Store, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store for £9.99/€11.99/$14.99.
Want to see more of West Cornwall Steam Railtour? Check our Rivet Games' Walkaround video below!
If you're new to steam trains in Train Sim World, they have you covered there too! Check out their Tutorial Video:

Great Western Add-ons Bundle

Players on Steam can add more routes and locomotives at a discounted rate on Train Sim World: Compatible content linked to the Great Western Railway with the Great Western Bundle. The bundle includes 3 routes and up to 9 locomotives and units:

  • West Cornwall Local: St Austell – Penzance & St Ives, featuring the Class 150 DMU and Class 37/5 locomotive.
  • Great Western Express: Reading - London Paddington, featuring the GWR Class 166 and Class 43 HST.
  • Diesel Legends of the Great Western: A period locomotive pack for Great Western Express featuring the Class 52, Class 101 and Class 08 in BR Blue.
  • West Somerset Railway: Bishops Lydeard - Minehead, featuring a preserved Class 47 and Class 09 locomotive.
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Great Western Bundle: Available on Steam

Train Sim World 3 players that take advantage of the bundle with West Cornwall Steam Railtour can, with Scenario Planner, see the preserved LMS Jubilee run tours out of London Paddington through to Reading or along the West Somerset Railway, recreating real-world operations from recent years.
Train Sim World: Great Western Bundle is available exclusively on the Steam Store. It will be available with ‘Complete My Collection’, meaning if you have some of the above listed content already, you can save by getting a bundle offer on the remaining content.
Previous purchase of Train Sim World 3 is required in order to make use of this bundle.
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West Cornwall Steam Railtour - Out Now!