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**It’s been a long journey, but we’re happy to announce today that the Add-ons Manager has been released on console for Train Sim World 2 players. ** Initially, this was planned as a fix to issues surrounding the 64GB Add-ons limit for PlayStation 5 players - PS5 players were unable to see all of their downloaded add-ons when breaching 64GB worth of content. Our team have been working closely with Sony on this issue, who themselves had not seen any issues like this before, and we’ve been frequently providing progress updates in our Roadmaps. Solving this issue ultimately allows PS5 players to access all Train Sim World 2 add-ons without having to worry about the 64GB limit, and works by pre-loading routes and locomotives based on the content that players would choose to play. An added benefit to this was that memory usage may also drop slightly through the reduced ‘mounting’ of content during each session. After a phase of successful testing through our beta team, we believe that these memory improvements may possibly reduce (but not necessarily solve) the frequency of ‘Out of Memory’ crashes for players of 8th-generation consoles with lots of Add-ons installed, playing high-density routes. Whilst this isn’t intended to be a ‘silver bullet’ on the memory front (Xbox Series S players may not see any improvement, for example) it is a step in the right direction and we will continue to work on memory issues during subsequent testing and in future updates. We had previously stated that PC platforms would receive Add-ons Manager, but we saw negligible impact on the ‘Out of Memory’ errors, so didn’t want to overcomplicate things. As the majority of the work had been done on Train Sim World 2, we wanted to complete that in its entirety before porting the work onto Train Sim World 3 next. Now we’ve released on Train Sim World 2, Train Sim World 3 is our next focus, and we’ll provide an update on progress in October’s Roadmap, currently due on Thursday October 6th. This has been a long time coming, and we appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve put together this solution for a complex issue. We hope this will provide a long-term, robust benefit for our console players. Please allow for 24 hours for the update to hit your console devices before contacting Dovetail Support, and let us know your feedback on our forums []
Train Sim World 4 - a year ago