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Shortly Arriving at Strasbourg

Bienvenue en France and willkommen in Deutschland! Bahnstrecke Strasbourg – Karlsruhe is coming to Train Simulator 2022 as part of the Deluxe Edition September 30.
The Rhine Valley Railway, or Rheintalbahn, dates back to the 1840s and stretches from Mannheim to Basel, linking multiple key cities along the way. The section between Karlsruhe and Offenburg was opened in stages throughout 1844, with 2 separate lines between Karlsruhe and Rastatt that each serve different towns. At Appenweier, the line also features a triangle junction where rails take a sharp turn westbound and cross the border into France, serving Strasbourg and beyond.
Developments throughout the line’s history has seen it upgraded over time to allow for higher and higher speeds, and today, it forms part of a major international network that links France, Germany and Switzerland with ICE and TGV trains at speeds up to 250 km/h. Naturally there is also high demand for cross-border freight traffic, with FRET SNCF operating services into Germany using the modern BR 186 locomotive, capable of working with multiple signalling and electrification types.
Explore this 112km (70-Mile) route from Strasbourg, France, to Offenburg and Karlsruhe, Germany, including both lines via Ettlingen and Durmersheim. Tackle a multitude of signalling and safety system types across multiple scenarios featuring dense passenger and freight services. Climb aboard the SNCF BR 186 and haul container traffic into Germany, make the return trip from the complex cabs of the TGV Euroduplex or ICE 3M, and hop on-board regional and additional ICE trains to Offenburg.
Bahnstrecke Strasbourg - Karlsruhe, one of Germany’s most important lines, awaits your arrival in the Train Simulator 2022 Deluxe Edition. The route will also be available separately at launch.
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23 Sep
Shortly Arriving at Strasbourg
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