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Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour FAQ

Since the release of Pro Tour on Thursday we have had great feedback from everyone that has been playing it.
We wanted to put together a list of the more frequently asked questions and known issues in this article. We will be adding more to it if we notice any common questions popping up on our social channels.
Q: How do I use the dead baits?
A: Equip a size 2 hook and you will see them in the bait list.
Q: How do I download the lakes from the Giant Carp Pack?
A: Go to the individual store pages for Gillhams and Wraysbury and install them from there.
Q: Which lakes are barbel in?
A: Barbel can be caught in the Grand Union Canal and Waldsee. In our add-on lakes they can be found in Jezioro Bestii and Lago del mundo.
Q: Where has the tackle shop gone?
A: The tackle shop and the customise menus have now been combined in to one menu. You can make changes to your tackle boxes and buy new equipment all in one place.
Q: Can I have a multiplayer session without a time limit?
A: Not at the moment but we will be bringing that in with the next update.

Known issues

Here is a list of issues we are aware of and working on fixes for at the moment for our first post release update:
  • Hooks not showing with certain baits equipped - if this does happen, switch your bait to something different and they will show up again
  • Equipment Pack baits not showing up
  • Arapaima boss fish weights not showing in species catch list
  • Character wearing two hats in career mode outfit
  • Area of Lake Miller with no water
We will be continuing to collect your feedback to help make improvements as we move forward. Development is already under way on our first post release update for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour.
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Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour FAQ