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Player Profile - Gary Spiers

  • Gary Spiers
  • Carp & Coarse Angler
  • Location: New Forest UK
  • Current Gaming Platforms: – XBOX One – PC/Gaming Laptop
  • Gamer Tag: – SCUBA GAZ
  • Age: 44 (old school)
  • Current games: – Fishing Sim World - Euro Fishing
  • Hours spent on line: Too Many
  • Hobbies: Gaming, Coarse Fishing, Sea Fishing, Golf, Football (Reading FC for my sins)
  • First console: – SPECTRUM ZX81
  • Current Job Role: – Technical Building Assessor
  • Children: Jack: Aged 5.5
  • Married: Yes, to Samantha for 11 years (partnership 22 years)
  • Fishing Locations: UK, Norwegian fjords, Turkey, Spain, France
Coarse fishing has been a part of my life since the age of 10, spending most of my weekends and summer holidays as a child beside the banks with friends, fishing various lakes and rivers around Hampshire and Berkshire counties.
Currently reside in The New Forest, which offers many coarse fishing venues, I’m very fortunate to have two venues with multiple lakes within 5 mins drive from my property, offering a wide range of fish.
With a busy working career, which meant I spent many months working away from home, and the arrival of my son Jack, unfortunately fishing has had to take a back seat for the last 5 years with only hitting the banks a handful of times. The introduction of a realistic fishing game on the PC and XBOX came as a pleasant surprise, allowing me to enjoy the fishing with friends in between writing reports for work in hotels rooms across the UK.
I was introduced to Euro Fishing by a close friend (Strongbow) this was followed by Fishing Sim World, and I have never looked back, and the great outdoors of fishing became reality in the console, allowing me to fish with gamers from around the world from the comfort of my home on the XBOX or PC.
In my opinion, Dovetail have developed an incredible fishing platform for likewise gamers to be connected across the world, offering many types of fishing and venues and species. Fishing Sim World has allowed me to make new friends, some with disabilities, which does not allow them to leave their homes or who are unable to get to venues to fish in real life. I feel Fishing sim world offers an incredible fishing experience for all, allowing the community to connect.
I am currently running a social fan group on a well-known social media site, with the help of admins from around the world, which has reached 1000 members during the month of April and is growing daily. It is always a pleasure to see new post from members with constructive feedback about the games, which I’m sure the team at Dovetail appreciate and have taken positive actions to make the games even more realistic from the feedback posted.
The game goes from strength to strength, I am looking forward to 2019 and am excited to see how the game will progress!
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Player Profile - Gary Spiers