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Reasons to Purchase the Quad Lake Pass

The Fishing Sim World Quad Lake Pass will give you the opportunity to purchase the first 4 lakes for Fishing Sim World in one great package. It will release on 20th November alongside Lake Williams on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and will be £29.99/$36.99/€35.99. As a thank you for your fantastic feedback so far we will be offering a launch discount of 20% off for the first 7 days.
Purchasing the Quad Lake Pass offers great value for money and is cheaper than purchasing each lake indvidually. Receiving a lake on the day it releases will ensure you get time to practice ahead of it appearing in the Dovetail Fishing League.

The Lakes

With the Quad Lake Pass we want to give variety in the experiences each lake can offer. This means that whether you are looking for bass, carp or predator fishing, this pack is sure to cover your tastes.

Lake Williams

Set in California, Lake Williams is surrounded by a backdrop of dry arid land and forest-covered steep hills, is home to 7 species of fish including largemouth, smallmouth & spotted bass.

Jezioro Bestii

Jezioro Bestii (Lake of the Beast) in Poland is all about the huge predator fish found in its rich natural environment. This lake is home to huge northern pike, perch & zander.

Lake Arnold

Lake Arnold in Tennessee provides a range of fishing opportunities. This lush environment with submerged vegetation contains 10 species of fish including spotted bass & walleye.

Gigantica Road Lake

The fully-licensed Gigantica Road Lake is fast catching up the Gigantica Main Lake for the size of the carp that reside there, but features a much higher stock level.
Fishing Sim World
Reasons to Purchase the Quad Lake Pass