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Trophy Fish Thursday

This is a weekly thread updated with tips & tricks for catching different Trophy Fish in Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. You'll be able to see the location for different fish, the best baits to use, and what rods you should be using. Keep an eye out each week for a new Trophy Fish post!

Maurice - Lago Del Mundo

This week we are starting with Maurice the Catfish on Lago del Mundo. This is a tricky one to land and is the definition of a Trophy Fish!

Butterfly - Lake Arnold

This Thursday we are heading over to Lake Arnold to see how to catch our fluttering Blue Gill, Butterfly.

Potato - Lough Kerr

Today's carb based Trophy Fish is Potato on Lough Kerr. For this one, you'll need to move around and explore the venue as Potato has been seen all over!

Getxo - Lago Del Mundo

This week we are heading back over to Lago Del Mundo to try and find Getxo. If you were looking for Maurice before, then you won't have far to go!

Snobby - Grand Union

Taking a cast over at Grand Union this week with Snobby the Bream. A posh Bream worthy of a screenshot once caught, but this one will make you work for it. Snobby can be caught all over the venue.

Bowie - Lake Travis

The legend of the lake. Living up to his name and species, this Largemouth Bass can be caught down the south of the lake, bring a big lure though because this one is huge!

Queimada - Lado Del Mundo

Heading back over to Lado Del Mundo this week to try and catch Queimada. This is a tricky Bass to net, but if you follow these tips you'll hopefully be able to grab a picture of this one in the boat!

Jackson - Lake Guntersville

Today we are heading over to Lake Guntersville to hunt for Jackson the Spotted Bass. Jackson is a big bass so you'll wanna stick to the bigger lures, we recommend the Baitshack BigDog.

Saturn - Lake Arnold

You won't need your telescope, but you will need your rod. Today's Trophy Fish Thursday is Saturn the Smallmouth bass on Lake Arnold. Despite being a Smallmouth, this one's heavy!

Athos - Lake Boulder

This weeks Trophy Fish Thursday is Athos the Muskie on Lake Boulder. This ones a tough one to find, make sure to share your screenshots with us when you catch Athos!

Lilypad - Lake Seminole

Today’s Trophy Fish Thursday is Lilypad on Lake Seminole. You can chuck out a soft plastic swimbait for this one, or if you’d rather, you can use a Korda Sweetcorn.

Gnasher - Lago del Mundo

Today we are heading over to Lago del Mundo to hunt for Gnasher. This Zander will be a tough fight for even the skilled anglers, so get ready to battle this one into the net.

Aramis - Lake Boulder

Back on Lake Boulder this week for the neighbour to Athos! Aramis is another big muskie so you'll need to get your big dog lures out for this one.

Houdini - Lake Miller

We are on Lake Miller this week hunting down the magical Houdini. This big bass requires a big lure to fight into the boat.

Mr Green - Lake Miller

This week we are back on Lake Miller looking for Mr Green. This large Northern Pike will give you a fight so be ready with your best setup!

The Defender - Lake Arnold

Today we are heading back to Lake Arnold to take on The Defender. This Walleye will give you a run for your money. Make sure you're ready to take this one on!

The Tribal Pike - Lake Arnold

The Tribal Pike is a rare Northern Pike. You'll know it's The Tribal Pike when you spot the darker than normal pattern. We recommend taking The 48 Bubblegum with you and your trusty Baitcaster.
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