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Class 66 Anniversary Celebration

In June 1998 the iconic Class 66 arrived in Derby for testing, join us as we celebrate 25 years of the shed!
This week we’re celebrating the Class 66 in Train Sim World as the ubiquitous locomotive hits its 25th birthday. We’ll be showcasing the locomotive on a Railfan TV stream and have set up a limited bundle on Steam with routes that feature the locomotive.

The Freight Legend

When British Rail’s freight operations were privatised in 1996, EWS brought most of BR’s freight operations, including many locomotives that were unreliable or at the end of their useful life. EWS approached General Motors to seek replacements for the ageing fleet, which saw the diesel-electric Class 66 enter service in 1998.
The model was a replacement for the Class 59, from which it used the same body shell but was updated with new internal fittings, control systems, radial steering bogies, 3,200hp engines and power units. An efficient and reliable machine that quickly proved its worth and became a popular site on British railways. With over 400 models built. In fact it may have had the nickname ‘shed’ for its looks, but was also often called ‘red death’ as it replaced many other locomotives.
The success of this versatile freight hauler with EWS led to many other heavy freight companies placing orders for their own models. Freightliner, GB Railfreight and Direct Rail Services all adopted the platform. The last Class 66 to be built was the GB Railfreight 66779 ‘Evening Star’ built in 2016. The shed can still be seen in service today and has become memorable icon of British freight.

Train Sim World

The Class 66 was one of the first locomotives to feature in Train Sim World. Originally included with our first add-on, Great Western Express in September 2017 in both EWS and DB Schenker liveries. The ‘Aggregate Industries’ scenario was the first introduction for many players to the Class 66 – a locomotive that would go on to appear in many other routes in the simulation and feature in our Train Sim World 3 Training Centre.
Two years after Great Western Express in 2019 the Class 66 returned in the popular East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford route, where you can take on hopper freight services around Acton Yard and Newhaven. There’s also a Railtour service available on the route. The Southeastern High Speed: London St Pancras – Faversham and Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton routes in 2021 added more service layers for the Class 66 and plenty more south coast freight running to enjoy.
In 2022 we released the Rail Head Treatment Train for Train Sim World 3. Driven by a heavily weathered Class 66 the RHTT, delivered a new kind of gameplay for the locomotive. Take to the rails with this unit to clear the track of leaves and residue with high pressure water jets to keep traffic running on the lines.
Great Western Express, East Coastway, Southeastern Highspeed (Extended version), Brighton Main Line and the Rail Head Treatment Train all feature in the Class 66 Anniversary’ Bundle on the Steam Store.

Celebration Week

How can you get involved with Class 66 Anniversary celebrations this week?
  • Railfan TV – On Friday 9th June Jan will be playing through some Class 66 scenarios on Great Western Express and East Coastway. Join them on YouTube and Twitch at 7PM UTC.
  • Creators Club – Head to the Creators Club in game to download some new Class 66 liveries/scenarios, or upload your own for others to enjoy. Some of our favourites will be featured in the Creators Club this week. We’d love to see what you’re doing with the loco in game.
  • Your Stories – What's your favourite experience with the Class 66? Let us know what you think about the locomotive and share your stories and photos from real-world encounters on the forums (link).
  • Drive – What better way to celebrate the Class 66 anniversary! Climb into the cab in Train Sim World to clear some of those Class 66 services and scenarios, and raise a mug of tea to the shed as you drive.

    Class 66 Discounts

    As well as the exclusive Steam bundle you can find discounts on a range of Class 66 related add-ons on PlayStation Store and Epic Games Store.
    Steam Store Class 66 Anniversary Bundle (5 June – 19 June)
    This time limited bundle on the Steam Store is available now, and runs until 19 June with 40% off! This includes Great Western Express, East Coastway, Southeastern Highspeed Extended, Brighton Main Line and the Rail Head Treatment Train. This is a ’complete my collection' bundle - If you own any of these already the cost will be reduced. A great way to expand your Class 66 (and UK) collection. Head to the Steam Store to check out the bundle.
PlayStation Planet of the Discounts Sale (24 May – 7 June)
Still on sale for the next couple of days you can find discounts on a range of add-ons that feature Class 66 gameplay. You can pick up Great Western Express (-60%), East Coastway (-50%), Southeastern Highspeed Extended (-40%), Cathcart Circle Line (-45%) and the Rail Head Treatment Train (-40%). Pick these up, along with more discounted add-ons on the PlayStation Store.
Epic Mega Sale (18 May – 15 June)
Running until 15 June the Epic Mega Sale features a wide range of Train Sim World add-ons, including plenty that feature Class 66 gameplay. Look out for Great Western Express (-50%), East Coastway (-80%), Southeastern Highspeed Extended (-40%), Brighton Main Line (-60%), Cathcart Circle Line (-45%), and the Rail Head Treatment Train (-40%). Browse discounts on the Epic Games Store.
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Train Sim World 4
Class 66 Anniversary Celebration