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Train Sim World 4 – Out Now! ... and What’s Next?

Train Sim World 4 is out today, September 26th! Whether you’re playing Standard, Deluxe or Special Edition, you’ll be able to get stuck in with the new features, new routes and new locomotives.

Train Sim World 4: Standard Edition – play from today!

If you pre-ordered Train Sim World 4: Standard Edition then today is the first time you’ll be able to play the three core routes and Training Center. We’ve got everything you need to know over on the Dovetail Games Forums and a handy set of FAQs as well to answer any questions you might have.
We've also published the mammoth 125-page-long Train Sim World 4 Manual! Whether you're diving into Train Sim World for the first time, or looking to master the new routes, features and locomotives, the manual should be able to assist in getting you up to speed.
Deluxe & Special Editions are still available to purchase for those that haven’t pre-ordered and include Flying Scotsman, the Railpool Vectron and the updated version of Nahverkehr Dresden – Riesa in addition to the Standard Edition content.
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Play Train Sim World 4: Deluxe Edition

Train Sim World Compatible Content

Today is also the day that any owned Compatible content from previous Train Sim World games will become available to play in Train Sim World 4. This includes route and locomotive Add-ons from Train Sim World 3.
Train Sim World 4 players will be able to continue playing this compatible content and utilise some of the new features like Free Roam, Photo Mode and the improved Livery Designer.
Those that own Nahverkehr Dresden – Riesa will receive a free upgrade that includes all the Train Sim World 4 features like TOD4 lighting, chained paths in Scenario Planner and Volumetric Fog. Other route Add-ons like Southeastern Highspeed and Northeast Corridor: New York – Trenton will receive some updates to the environment and timetable for those that own them in today’s Day 1 Patch.
A number of other Train Sim World Compatible routes will also receive minor updates. A full list of these launch day updates can be found in our forum post and in our in-game article.

East Coast Main Line Updates

Yesterday we also released a patch containing some improvements to the East Coast Main Line, following initial feedback during the Early Access window. This includes:
  • Improvements to the audio, including increased volume in a number of areas (AWS, cab running sounds, traction motors and more)
  • Fixed issues with PIS board
  • Introduction of reduced timetable option for Gen 8 players

Flying Scotsman & Vectron Add-ons

If you purchased Train Sim World 4: Standard Edition, then you’ll have yet to have experienced two iconic locomotives: LNER Class A3 Flying Scotsman and the Railpool BR 193 Vectron. These were exclusive to Deluxe and Special Edition players.
From 26th October 2023, you’ll be able to purchase these as separate Locomotive Add-ons, to operate along the East Coast Main Line and Vorarlberg routes (+ Nahverkehr Dresden – Riesa, if you own that route Add-on).

What’s Next?

New UK Route and Future content

This isn’t where the Train Sim World 4 journey ends... far from it. It’s just begun! Followers of our recent two-part Roadmap will know that Just Trains are working on a new UK route, covering Blackpool, Preston & Ormskirk, set in the 1980s British Rail era and featuring the popular Class 142 Pacer!
Just Trains have been working incredibly hard on this project and have provided a number of development updates and impressive screenshots! We can’t wait to share more information about this exciting route, including the anticipated release date, later down the line.
We’ve also got Gameplay Packs from Rivet Games, routes set in the UK, US and Germany in the works and our foray into Austria doesn’t stop with Vorarlberg! Another Austrian route is being developed and we’ll share more details of these closer to their intended release window.

Tonight's Livestream & October Roadmap

Join Matt tonight for a Launch Day Let's Play tonight at 1800 UTC over on Twitch and YouTube as they play through the new routes, showcase the new features and answer community questions!
We’ll be revealing more about the future of Train Sim World and taking a look inside Development in our October Roadmap, set to go live next week, with a livestream to follow.

Have questions? Feedback? Get in touch!

Our handy FAQs should give you all the information you need, along with the various information threads on our Forums.
You can also follow us on socials to keep up to date with everything happening through launch and beyond!
Find out more about Train Sim World 4 by following @trainsimworld on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok.
Train Sim World 4
26 Sep
Train Sim World 4 – Out Now! ... and What’s Next?