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TramSim: Console Edition – OUT NOW

Today we publish our latest title! In partnership with Vienna-based developer ViewApp, TramSim: Console Edition launches on console for an entirely new experience on rails.
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TramSim: Console Edition

If you’re a fan of things formed of multiple vehicles, than run on two parallel rails, then we have something a bit different coming to console from today!
Okay, so they might not be trains per se, but for fans of the wider transport simulation genre, the chance to drive trams at the heart of two bustling European cities is an exciting one! In TramSim: Console Edition, players will be able to immerse themselves in ViewApp’s home of Vienna, Austria as well as Munich, Germany. Both cities are recreated with pure photorealism and a focus on the stunning urban landscapes that form the routes that the playable tram services run on.


Flexity & Type E2 (Vienna)

The contemporary Flexity, handed over to Wiener Linien in 2018, joins the well-known classic Type E2 in Vienna, which first graced the city’s streets in 1978. Whilst the Flexity features a host of mod-cons such as low energy consumption, LED lighting and air conditioning, the E2 itself includes its own technical innovations of its time, such as swing-out steps and "chopper control" (also called pulse control) - a circuit for controlling motors.

ULF (Vienna – available in Deluxe Edition)

The ULF (short for Ultra-Low-Floor) is the first generation of low-floor trams in Vienna's tram network and has been in operation since 1995. The special features of this vehicle type are the unique design with axle-free bogies and one of the lowest boarding heights worldwide for tram vehicles.

R2.2b (Munich)

In Munich, players will enter the cab of the unique R2.2b tram, a modernised version of the R2.2 tram that’s been in service since 2011. The individual tram-bodies influence each other meaning that at the end of a curve, the tram sways in the other direction. As a result, curbs in the city have been cut to accommodate this unique movement.


Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s tram network, operated by the Wiener Linien, is the fifth largest tram network in the world with more than 500 tram-trains and 28 lines. Since the electrification in 1987, the tram has become an indispensable part of the city’s traffic scene. Landmarks such as the Vienna State Opera are located on the network amongst the busy road traffic.
Deluxe Edition players will also get to run operations around Vienna Favoriten depot, which is 150 years old this year, having been built in 1873.

Munich, Germany

Three playable routes feature in Bavaria’s most populated city: 23, 27 and 28 with a varying number of stops between them. This makes for both short and longer sessions of gameplay heading past a number of attractions, like the Pinakotheken and Alte Börse.
Gameplay in both cities centres around learning the realistic controls of each tram, whilst negotiating the busy urban streets and traffic. Once players are comfortable in the cab they’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful and historic European architecture in an environment that makes full use of Unreal Engine.
TramSim has already been a hit on PC, with players praising its realism and attention to detail. The console version of the game will feature all the same great gameplay and features, but with optimized controls for the console platforms.
TramSim: Console Edition is available from today on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X/S consoles.
TramSim: Console Edition (Deluxe): £44.99/€49.99/$49.99
TramSim: Console Edition (Standard): £32.99/€39.99/$39.99
You can find out more about TramSim: Console Edition and join the community by following ViewApp on: Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
You can also get involved and provide feedback on TramSim: Console Edition by heading over to the ViewApp Discord.
For Gameplay Guides and more information about the tram models and content in both Standard and Deluxe Editions, you can head over to our Support Page.
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TramSim: Console Edition – OUT NOW