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TS19: Add-On Updates Available Now

Today we are bringing an update to Train Simulator 19. This update features a number of changes to the ÖBB 1144, BR Class 205, Union Pacific No. 119 locomotives and the Frankfurt U-Bahn Route.

ÖBB 1144

  • Fixed an outstanding legal issue in the cab of the loco
  • Update Size: 78MB

BR Class 205

  • Added the common assets folder which restores the missing Cab Secure Radio (CSR) lineside sign components which are required for the included scenarios to work properly
  • Update Size: 44KB

Union Pacific No. 119

  • Replaced the artwork in the panels on the rear corners of UP119's tender
  • Corrected the bell so that the first strike (after the bell starts to swing) makes a sound
  • Headlight and coach light shadow-casting can now be toggled by pressing Ctrl Shift + S while the locomotive is moving
  • Added an alert message when shadow-casting is toggled
  • Lights in the consist are now toggled when cars are added to, or removed from, a train (if the loco's headlight is on)
  • Update Size: 83MB

Frankfurt U-Bahn Route

  • Added some projectors with an advertisement to the station: Suedbahnhof, Konstablerwache/D, Bockenheimer Warte/C, etc.
  • Added ‘Mind the Step’ announcement to lines U4, U5, U6, U7 for ‘U3 Train Type’
  • Fixed possible AI traffic problems between Dornbusch and Huegelstrasse
  • Update Size: 671MB
Train Simulator
20 May
TS19: Add-On Updates Available Now
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