Gameplay Trailer & Launch Date Reveal - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022
**Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, the Official Video Game, is launching on October 28th – and we are excited to announce that the game will be available with Xbox Game Pass from launch. And, we’re also delighted to announce that today you can also check out the latest, all-action Gameplay Trailer for Bassmaster® Fishing 2022. ** The game hosts a full complement of exciting new features, game modes, and mechanics. Large multiplayer lobbies, Cross Play, Bassmaster Royale, a fully licensed career mode, and lots more, is ready for you to tackle (and bring out those tackle boxes for) this October 28th. Check out all of the details below so you're ready to go on October 28th. Become the pro When you first jump into game, you’ll be able to play as – or compete against – 10 Elite Series anglers, such as the two-time back-to-back Bassmaster Classic Champion, Hank Cherry, the 2021 St. Lawrence River Elite Event winner, Takumi Ito, or our effervescent cover-star Scott Martin. You can play out your career just like the pros, starting out at the College Series, and battling your way to Bassmaster immortality – while using awesome branded equipment like Scott Martin’s Skeeter boat with a hefty 250HP Yamaha outboard motor. You’ll be taking on multiple tournaments when you start your career. Expect Pro Challenges, Grand Slam events, and traditional tournaments (where your goal is to fill the livewell with your 5 biggest bass) are just a few of the events you’ll need to conquer to make your way to the Bassmaster Classic. Your path to Bassmaster Champion begins at the bottom: The College Series. This is where you’ll start your career to get a feel for amateur tournament bass fishing. Your opponents will be learning the ropes, so expect heated competition from all manner of wannabe anglers. Once you vanquish the College Series, it’s time to bring on the big guns: The Opens. The goal of the Opens to get enough qualifying points to go to the Elite Series. If you can make it to the Elite Series level, you’ll need to use everything you’ve learned to finally get that coveted invite to the Bassmaster Classic: the highlight on any bass angling fan’s calendar. The Bassmaster Classic is where all your knowledge and experience come into play. You’ll have to put it all on the line to overcome all other competitors and become the Bassmaster Classic Champion. Master the waters You’ll be fishing 8 real-world venues when you get out on your boat for the first time. Points of interest, water depths, surrounding vegetation, and fish species weight are just a handful of things that you’ll have to look out for when fishing in these iconic venues. You’ll be fishing through dense swamps on the Sabine River, open waters on Lake Ray Roberts, or just admiring the views of the Memorial bridge at St. Johns River. Using the all-new underwater camera, you’ll be able to find points of interest around the venues where you can catch some truly big bass! Snagging is something that you need be careful of when you’re out fishing – as, depending on the environment you’re fishing and the equipment you’re using, you risk getting your lure snagged up on all manner of underwater dangers: weeds, wood, rocks, and more. Our dynamic time-of-day feature means you’ll need to practice fishing all throughout the day to really master where the hotspots are, and where you have most success on the water for different species and locations. The Fish AI in game move around the water depending on temperature, time of day, whether there are any underwater structures or not – all these things (and more!) are what you’ll need to master & track if you want to be successful in the game. The competition is just getting started Bassmaster Royale is an all-new, cross-play compatible, adrenaline-pumping game mode coming to the angling genre, where you’ll go head-to-head with other players to be the last player standing. To stay in the game, you’ll need to keep your fish weight total above other players, or you risk getting eliminated! We can’t wait for you to jump and start building your Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 career this October 28th. With so much to do in game, you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to start! And don’t forget that after launch on October 28th, we will have loads of updates and extra content coming to single and multiplayer, so it’s time to get practicing! Good luck, and tight lines! * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Sign up to our Closed Alpha here! []
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Fish AI System - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022!
In Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 we have been working with the pros to bring you a new next-gen Fish AI system. Today we are going to dive into how this works, and what tools you’ll have to hand to help scout out the waters and catch the biggest bass. Working with the experts Just like in real life, there are multiple variables that you’ll need to study and keep an eye out to get the best success when fishing. The development team has been working closely with freshwater biologists around the venues from the game. As well as gathering accurate scans of the water depth, we have been gathering data about the species, fish weight and fish population in the different venues that feature in the game. This means that you’ll have the most accurate experience when you venture out on your boat. Points of interest Venues in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 have points of interest dotted around above and beneath the water. You’ll have structure such as pallets and trees that make hotspots for fish to gather around. You’ll want to explore the venues outside of tournaments and practice fishing at different times of day, different temperatures, and different locations. The fish are getting smart Our Fish AI system takes multiple elements and dynamically moves the fish around the venue. Fish have hundreds of paths that they will follow between different points of interest in the water. It’s important to move around as the time-of-day changes because a spot that was once thriving with bass at midday won’t be the same at different temperatures and different times in the day. This AI system mimics real life, so if you have any experience fishing in real life, that will help you here! But don’t panic if you don’t, we have lots of tools to help you find the fish. Below you’ll see a visual example of lines through the water that connect points of interest that the fish will move between. Finding those hawgs You’ll have a variety of tools at your disposal to help when finding and tracking big bass. First of all, onboard your boat you have a fish finder, so while you’re driving your boat around the venues, you’ll get readings on the size and population of fish around the boat. This is really helpful if you are fishing on a new venue for the first time, as you’ll be able to locate hotspots in the water and start hooking some bass. Fishing from a new perspective The underwater camera is a great way to find points of interest and to get a close-up look on the fish. While fishing you can toggle between underwater and over-shoulder camera angles on the fly, which is great if you like to mix it up while fishing and see the position of your rod. This is useful too if you’re using the trolling motor and need to check where you are going. The last thing you want to do is crash into something! But if you don’t want to use the camera at all, that’s ok too and you can switch it off completely in the menu settings. Come back later Once you have found a great spot to fish you can mark it up with the new map marker system. This allows you to mark a point on the map, select an icon and add some text to the tag such as the time of day. Once you add a marker it will also mark other useful information that you can refer to next time you look at your map. This is great if you are practicing out on the water and want to mark up a spot to come back to during a tournament. This is why it’s so important to learn the venues before you compete, to make it to the Bassmaster Classic you need to know where the big bass are! Using all the tools at your disposal, practicing, tracking on different venues, and marking it up on the GPS will help you climb the leaderboard and strike those big bass. If you want to be in with the chance of winning a Digital Deluxe Edition of Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, then hit the link below to enter! To keep up to date with everything Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, sign up to our info packed newsletter or follow us over on our socials so you don’t miss a drop of info. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok [] * Digital Deluxe Edition Giveaway Giveaway []
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Fish Species & Venue Logos - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022!
**Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 will have 8 real-world venues at launch! These venues are packed with dense backwaters, wide open stretches of water, underwater structures, and many more environments for you to explore and master. You can check out our Venue Trailer below to see some of these gorgeous venues in action. ** Part of what makes these venues so unique is the environments within them, so today we’ll be giving you the low-down on each of these varied experiences and showing you the brand new Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 logos that represent these fantastic venues. St. Johns River, Palatka St. Johns River, Palatka, is easily identifiable by the huge 4,020 feet long memorial bridge that is the only permanent vehicle crossing between Green Cove Sprins and Astor. This excellent venue provides anglers lots of variety for fishing, and with a shorter species list, you’ll want to focus in on specific fish and track them around the venue. Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Black Crappie * Bluegill * Chain Pickerel * Channel Catfish * Striped Bass * Longnose Gar St. Lawrence River The St. Lawrence River stretches across Canada and into the United States, it holds one of the largest estuaries in the world. In Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 you’ll be setting off from Waddington on the United States side and be able to go round to Mariatown which is on the Canadian Side. This section is split by a strip of land through the middle, so you’ll want to put your trolling motor to good use as you skim along the bankside. Fish Species List: * Northern Pike * Largemouth Bass * Smallmouth Bass * Black Crappie * Bluegill * Chain Pickerel * Yellow Perch * Walleye * Muskie * Tiger Muskie * Brown Trout * Rainbow Trout * Coho Salmon * Chinook Salmon * Pumpkinseed * Freshwater Drum * Longnose Gar Toledo Bend Setting off from the iconic dock, Toledo Bend’s flags will see you off as you set out to catch some big bass. Toledo Bend is the largest man-made waterbody in the south and is home to record Largemouth Bass of 15.33lbs. Toledo Bend has plenty of variety, featuring some huge open waters and some smaller backwaters for you to navigate. Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Spotted Bass * Black Crappie * White Crappie * Bluegill * Chain Pickerel * Longnose Gar * Channel Catfish * Blue Catfish * Flathead Catfish * Striped Bass * White Bass * Freshwater Drum Guntersville Scottsboro Created by Guntersville Dam as part of the Tennessee Valley Act to help with agriculture, energy, industry, and recreation - Lake Guntersville has something for everyone! Setting off from huge wooden docks, you can stay within this area to explore twists and turns around residential homes – or you can head out right and follow it round to join the main body of water. The choice is yours! Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Spotted Bass * Black Crappie * White Crappie * Bluegill * Longnose Gar * Chain Pickerel * Walleye * Channel Catfish * Blue Catfish * Flathead Catfish * Striped Bass * White Bass * Freshwater Drum Chickamauga Lake Chickamauga Lake known as “The Land of the Giants” for record breaking largemouth bass and rated as the second-best bass fishing lake in the U.S by Bassmaster Magazine. This lake will test your strength as you battle record-breaking bass into the boat. If you’re new to bass fishing, you’ll want to get plenty of practice in and bring the right kit to be successful. Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Smallmouth Bass * Spotted Bass * Black Crappie * White Crappie * Chain Pickerel * Bluegill * Longnose Gar * Walleye * Channel Catfish * Blue Catfish * Flathead Catfish * Striped Bass * white bass * Freshwater Drum Lake Ray Roberts The Bassmaster Classic 2021 venue – Lake Ray Roberts. Constructed by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the 1980’s, this brilliant venue offers huge amounts of variety in fish and is a great place to explore. Shoot out to the left of the dock to start exploring some narrow waters, or head out to the right to hit the open water and admire the views as the sun sets below the horizon. Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Smallmouth Bass * Spotted Bass * Black Crappie * White Crappie * Longnose Gar * Channel Catfish * Blue Catfish * Bluegill * Flathead Catfish * Striped Bass * White Bass * Freshwater Drum Sabine River The Sabine River, a team favourite at Dovetail Games, will test your skills in multiple environments. This venue features swamps, dense industrial estates, and long stretches of water. Sabine comes from the Spanish word for Cypress, in reference to the growth of bald cypresses that you see along the river. With so many twists and turns, you’ll want to put your GPS system to good use to navigate this venue. Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Black Crappie * Bluegill * White Crappie * Longnose Gar * Channel Catfish * Blue Catfish * Flathead Catfish * Striped Bass * Spotted Bass * White Bass * Freshwater Drum Lake Hamilton To finish up our logo reveal, we have Lake Hamilton. This is the first venue we announced back in May and the home of our Closed Alpha. This residential venue is a great starting place for beginner anglers but will also give experienced anglers a challenge, especially when you find some of those hawgs around the points of interest. Fish Species List: * Largemouth Bass * Spotted Bass * Black Crappie * White Crappie * Walleye * Chain Pickerel * Channel Catfish * Flathead Catfish * Blue Catfish * Bluegill * Rainbow Trout * Striped Bass * White Bass * Freshwater Drum Venues are just one of many challenges you’ll face when trying to climb the leader boards. Using the new GPS marker system and exploring these waters will be the key to success when you load up Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 this fall. To keep up to date with everything Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, sign up to our info packed newsletter or follow us over on our socials so you don’t miss a drop of info. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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Character Customisation - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022!
Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 lets you play as an Elite Series pro angler such as Scott Martin or Hank Cherry - or you can take them head on as your own fully customised pro angler! Today we are taking a look at how you’ll be able to customise your angler to make them your own so you can stand out when on the water. Becoming the face of Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 When you launch the game for the first time, you’ll need to setup your angler. You’ll have 10 Elite Series pros to choose from, or you can select a custom angler to start customising. The first thing you’ll get to do is select your angler’s look from a variety of faces. Which best represents you? Once you’ve settled on the look of your pro angler you can then alter their hairstyle, body shape, clothing, and other options such as beards (which we know you’ve been looking forward to), which will come in post launch updates. The team has been working with industry leading artists on new hair for Bassmaster® Fishing 2022. You’ll be able to pick from a range of highly detailed hair styles that bring your angler to life and in a post-launch update you’ll also be able to change your hair colour. All the gear, plenty of ideas Next, you’ll be setting up your “Practice” and “Tournament” outfits. These are two different outfits that you’ll automatically change between depending on the game mode you’re playing. If you’re out on the water, exploring and learning the venues then you’ll be in your “Practice” gear. Once it’s time to get serious and compete, you’ll be wearing your “Tournament” clothing. You’ll have a huge selection of clothing to choose from, so you can stand out from the crowd when you’re up on the Bassmaster Stage. Tournament Jerseys are a great way to make your angler look the part, and come in a variety of styles, including some unique custom ones specific to venues (in case you want to represent your hometown), Bassmaster series, and more. Below is a quick glimpse at a small selection of the Tournament Jerseys. To top off your setup you’ll be able to equip your angler with hats, sunglasses with different coloured lenses and snoods, to keep the chill off your angler when fishing in cold conditions. Mix and match Customising your character doesn’t stop here though! As you level up your angler profile, you’ll unlock more cosmetics and fishing equipment. You’ll also have Mastery Challenges to complete which gives you various unique cosmetic rewards. If you haven’t already checked it out, we have spoken about the new Mastery system coming to Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 here – Game Modes & Mastery [] . With so much choice when customising your angler, it will be easy for players to know who you are when they see you on the water. Be sure to head over to our social channels to keep up to date with everything Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, and if you don’t want to miss a drop of info then sign up to our newsletter so you get all the info you need in one place. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok [] Photographs provided courtesy of B.A.S.S., LLC.
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