Lay of the Lake - Dev Q&A
Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 is coming out on October 28th, we managed to grab some time with Ben Gunstone, Executive Producer and Des O’Connor, Studio Producer for a chat about all things Bassmaster Fishing 2022. In this video we’ll cover everything from what is Bassmaster Fishing 2022, discuss game modes and features, and take a look at the gameplay! If you want to find out more about everything coming to Bassmaster Fishing 2022, take a look at our The Story So Far [] article. Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is available now to pre-order on Steam, PlayStation®5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X You’ll also receive a special 10% discount for pre-ordering (to receive this discount on PlayStation you need to be a PS Plus member). It will also be available on Day 1 with Xbox Game Pass. You can pre-order Bassmaster Fishing 2022 via these links: PlayStation Standard Deluxe Steam Standard & Deluxe Xbox Standard Deluxe Pricing Standard £29.99/ €34.99/ $39.99 Deluxe £34.99/ €39.99/ $44.99 Deluxe Upgrade pack £6.99/ €8.99/ $9.99 Catch you on the lake, October 28th. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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Pre-Order Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 now!
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is being released worldwide on all PlayStation and Xbox systems, Steam, and the Microsoft Store on October 28th. It will also be available on Day 1 with Xbox Game Pass. Today we are pleased to announce that pre-orders for the digital Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition are now available, excitingly, you’ll receive a special 10% discount when you pre-order on Xbox, Steam, or if you're a PS Plus Member on PlayStation! This article will also highlight those all-important differences between the Standard and Deluxe version of the game. Let’s dive in. All links for Pre-Orders can be found at the bottom of the page. Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Digital Standard Edition The Standard Edition of Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is full of new features and exclusive B.A.S.S. content, including our largest ever multiplayer that supports cross-play and a brand-new multiplayer mode: Bassmaster Royale. You’ll also be able to play as 10 legends of bass fishing, such as Scott Martin, back-to-back Bassmaster Classic® Champion Hank Cherry, and more! You'll also be able fish on 8 real-world venues – including Lake Hamilton, Sabine River & Lake Ray Roberts. We also have all-new features, such as an all-new Fish AI system, underwater camera, GPS marker system, and so much more! Bassmaster Fishing 2022: Digital Deluxe Edition The Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Digital Deluxe Edition includes everything from the Standard Edition of the game, plus a heap more of additional content! With 6 stunning deluxe edition boat wraps, 5 special Deluxe Edition clothing items, and a mix of deluxe rods, reels, and lures with exclusive designs, you’ll be the envy of all your competitors on the water. Combine that with your very own set of Mastery Challenges & Rewards exclusively for Deluxe Edition players, and it’s the ultimate Bassmaster Fishing 2022 package. Standard Pricing - Receive 10% discount when you pre-order! Standard Edition • £29.99/ €34.99/ $39.99 Deluxe Edition • £34.99/ €39.99/ $44.99 Pre-order Bassmaster Fishing 2022 on all platforms now using the links below, on the platforms Store or using the platforms App on iOS and Android. Xbox Digital Deluxe Edition US [] Digital Deluxe Edition EU [] PlayStation Digital Deluxe Edition US [] Digital Deluxe Edition EU [] Steam Digital Deluxe & Standard Edition [] Xbox Digital Standard Edition US [] Digital Standard Edition EU [] PlayStation Digital Standard Edition US [] Digital Standard Edition EU [] Steam Digital Standard & Deluxe Edition [] Catch you on the lake, October 28th. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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Cross play and Bassmaster® Royale!
Experience the huge online world of Bassmaster Fishing 2022 this October 28th. Cross-Play, exciting new game modes to the fishing game genre, and large lobbies are just a few of the new features coming. You can pre-order now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Steam, if you're a PS Plus Member or purchasing through Steam you'll also recieve a 10% discount! Pre-order on PlayStation US [] Pre-order on PlayStation EU [] Pre-order on Steam [] Cross-Play & huge multiplayer lobbies Multiplayer in Bassmaster Fishing 2022 is new, exciting, and huge. The team is excited to announce that Cross-Play is coming to Bassmaster Fishing 2022! This means you can play with anybody who has the game, no limitations to platform. **Bassmaster Royale ** Bassmaster Royale is the new adrenaline pumping mode coming to the fishing game space. The aim of the game is to spawn in, find your hot spot, and catch more fish than the other players to avoid being eliminated in the 4 culling events that take place throughout the match. Survive the culling events and you are crowned the Bassmaster Royale Champion. When starting a match, you’ll spawn into 1 of 3 different spots on the lake each time and race to your hotspots to start hooking bass. Be careful though, other players might be trying to take your spot, so you’ll want to have a game plan as soon as you set off. By watching the leaderboard you’ll see where you stand within the match if you’re too low down you risk getting eliminated when the next culling event happens. If you get eliminated, better luck next time, if you haven’t been eliminated, then you’ll need to carry on catching more bass than the other anglers and increase your haul. If you successfully survive all 4 culling events, the player with the heaviest weight at the end is the winner of the game and becomes the Bassmaster Royale Champion. Have you got what it takes to be the last man standing? **Fishing Trip ** How about just relaxing and fishing with some friends? Well, we’ve got that too, if you want a non-competitive environment to explore then you can jump into any of our open lakes in the multiplayer part of our game, find your friends, and start fishing. This is a great mode if you’re just looking to hang out, learn venues together, or simply show off your new cosmetics. **What’s coming? ** Post launch the Dovetail Games team has exciting plans to bring new modes to multiplayer so players can fish against others to be the Bassmaster Classic® champion online, or where they can become the angler of the month in the Global Dovetail Fishing League! Whether you’re looking to be the last man standing, the Bassmaster Classic Champion of the world or simply hang out with some friends and relax on the water, we’ve got you covered in Bassmaster Fishing 2022. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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Road to the Classic® - Bassmaster® Fishing 2022!
Experience the thrill of competitive bass fishing in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, the Official Video Game, coming this October 28th! Compete as 10 Elite Series anglers, such as the back-to-back Bassmaster Classic® Champion Hank Cherry, or create and customise your own angler to climb the leaderboards to achieve angling immortality by winning the coveted Bassmaster Classic®. **Building the next generation of bass anglers ** Dovetail Games is not only bringing Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 to your screens by celebrating the best anglers in the business and providing an authentic bass fishing experience for all, but also by investing in the next generation of talented bass anglers aspiring to be the next Bassmaster Champions. This weekend Dovetail Games is the College Classic Bracket Live Sponsor at Coose River, Wetumpka. We are also the Live Sponsors for two more events before the end of 2021 - the High School Combine 15-17th on Wheeler Lake Decatur, Ala, and the Bassmaster Opens at Grand Lake Oklahoma on October 21-23rd. Experiencing the Bassmaster Career Becoming the Bassmaster Classic® Champion is about more than just catching bass – it’s about passion, pride, and skill. If you want to be the best, you’ll need to know your way around your equipment, trust your instincts, and know when to go big. In Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, you’ll make a name for yourself by climbing the ranks and becoming a master of the water. Starting at the bottom in the Bassmaster College Series, you’ll cut your teeth on your first tournaments, before picking up experience in other ways – through traditional tournaments, where you must catch your heaviest 5 bass; the Grand Slam, where you need to get a total weight across multiple species of bass; or Pro Challenges, where you compete against other pro anglers. After vanquishing other hopefuls, you’ll then move onto the Bassmaster Opens, where you’ll face a huge roster of anglers. You’ll want to practice and learn the venues you’ll be fishing, marking up on your map your bass hotspots with the all-new GPS map marker system. If you get enough qualifying points you’ll then be invited to the Elite Series, and this is where the competition really gets going! The Elite Series is your gateway to the Bassmaster Classic®, so everyone who is anyone will be fishing for those top spots. Here you’ll need to prove your worth by putting all your experience and knowledge to the test, using the right lures for the right environments, and avoiding dreaded snags. If you nail it, then the Bassmaster Classic® will come a-calling! After all the blood, sweat, and tears, you’ve made it: the legendary Bassmaster Classic®. Many dream of lifting the iconic Bassmaster Champion trophy – so you’ll need to bring your A-game. You’ll not only need your best equipment, experience, and skill, but a clear mind to make the best decisions in this pressure-cooker of a final. This is everything you have been working to. Will you clutch up and take that number 1 spot to become the Bassmaster Classic® Champion? There’s only one way to find out! Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 takes to the water on October 28th 2021. Will you be ready for the challenge? Follow us over on our socials to keep up to date on everything Bassmaster® Fishing 2022, or if you don't want to miss a drop of info, sign up to our Bassmaster Newsletter below. * Follow us on our social channels [] * Sign up to our Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Newsletter [] * Join our community Discord [] * Follow us on Tik Tok []
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